just another decade

I guess I will always be an airhead at heart. The other day I was sitting around with friends and they started talking about the next decade. I sat there very quiet thinking wow what are these people talking about....the next decade wont be for another 990 years. That night I learned that a decade was 10 years and all of a sudden I didnt just have hope for 2010 I had hope for the new decade.

So today my Tin Truths is dedicated to the past and to the future. 

1. The last 10 were the most painful years of my life.
2. I end 2009 forgiving and losing my dad.
3. I end this decade forgiving, missing, and loving my beautiful sister.
4. Watching my amazing son grow over the past 10 years has been beyond priceless.
5. I start this next decade 35 and so ready to conquer the next 10.
6. I got through this decade I can get through anything.
7. I will travel in the next 10. A trip with my son. A trip with my mom. A trip for just me.
8. Poker is in my Professional future this go round.
9. I will strive to be happy and eliminate anyone or anything that hinders that. 
10. I will raise my son into a man. 

I can't wait for the NEXT ONE! jag out.

Side Note: I don't have those rain boots. But I so wish I did.