Finish This Sentence

Finish This Sentence

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1. My ex...will realize it, when it's too late

2. Maybe I should...think twice before being so intimate on FB.

3. I love....my life!

4. People would say that I'm...loyal.

5. I don't understand why..life is so complicated

6. When I wake up in the morning.....I am immediately ready to start my day.

7. I lost my..... ability to say no to a cute kitty kat.

8. Life is full of.... unanswered questions.

9. My past is... just that my past!

10. I get annoyed... with stupidity. 

11. Parties are.... great with the right company.

12. I wish.... my sister was still alive.

13. Dogs… sloppy and loud.

14. Cats.... are loyal.

15. Tomorrow....I will finish a major spreadsheet.

16. I have low tolerance....for people with no sense of urgency.

17. If I had a million dollars... I would start a homeless shelter.

18. I'm totally terrified... of the dark.

19. My spouse is.... someone I hope is out there for me.

20. My life is...filled with a beautiful son, an amazing mother and great friends and family


The Mix Tape

So I totally stole this from Facebook and I love it.

Write down 20 songs you can't imagine going very long without listening to. Don't take more than 10 minutes to do this.

1. My Kinda Lover- Billy Squire
2. Giving It for your love- Delbert McClinton
3. Reach Out-Breedlove
4. Wedding Day-Rosie Thomas
5. Realize Colbie Calbert
6. Dont do me like that- Tom Petty
7. Coming Around Again- Carly Simon
8. Everything things going to be alright-Bob Marley
9. Slacker- Tech Nine
10 No one -Alicia Keys
11. Jack and Diane-John Cougar
12. Footloose-Footloose
13. i'm yours - Jason Miraz
14. Only you - Yaz
15. It's tricky - Run Dmc
16. Amaratine enya
17. Wild world- Cat Stevens
18. Babys gotten good at goodbyes- George Straight
19. Margaritaville-Jimmy Buffet
20. Moon Gone Down-The Gourds

Side Note: My mix sooooooo beats your mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tin Truths 23

1. I am gone for 5 days and I got a new follower...that is awesome
2. Tomorrow I leave for San Antonio to see a friend I haven't seen in years.
3. People with no sense of urgency make me crazy.
4. I wonder why the small fry and coke at Mc Donald's are so freaking good.
5. All day I have been in Spreadsheet Hell.
6. I am finally going to return my Christmas present from the x, for a Coach I like!!!!!
7. Guitar Hero still rocks.
8. I feel really guilty when I go 5 days without blogging.......sorry guys!
9. I really wish my feet could wear sneakers.
10. I hate walking through the grass in my backyard. All because 5 years ago a neighbor saw a snake!


Valentines Day Shout Outs

To all the married people- Well you made it this far so I hope you go to sleep tonight in a big wet spot. 

To all the newlyweds- Don't overdue it! You are going to have years of this bullshit. I hope you go to sleep in a big wet spot.

To all the couples- You will have the best Valentines of all, you are still in the testing stages. Therefore, I hope you don't go to bed in a wet spot. 

To all the single people- We are the luckiest of them all. Tomorrow we will still be single. I hope you go to sleep in a big wet spot.

To Jag- I know when you woke up this morning and heard the conversation  in the other room, it hurt a little. I am soooooo proud of you for not crying. You are way better off. We have such an exciting year ahead of us. I know tonight you wont go to bed in a big wet spot. So pull out that bad ass rabbit and think about all the other people that will. That is sure to do the trick.

Side Note: I hate Valentines Day. I always have, I think its overrated. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and I can't wait for November.



I just have to know....

can lizards become rabid or rabies struck or whatever you call it. I know you guys think I must go to bed with lizard nightmares, but I don't. I actually like to watch them I just don't like it when they start acting like loonies. 

I was outside a few minutes ago and this lizard jumped from the table to a charcoal bag. Then he started moving his mouth really fast. Like he was talking, it was weird and I didn't like it. All I kept thinking is this rabies infested fucker better not jump on me. I then proceeded inside where I will stay until he founds a new area to terrorize. 

Side Note: Everyone enjoy your weekend.


Tin Truths Twenty Two

1. I finally got to play with my darts on Tuesday and I love them.
2. The quotes on the starbuck's cups are gay!
3. Every time I get a pain in my chest I think I am going to have a heart attack.
4. This will be my first Valentines day as a single girl in 4 years, and I love it.
5. I really love Afroman's song Colt 45.
6. I don't like oregano, garlic or cilantro.
7. I never get tired of hearing the church bells that ring every hour.
8. I had a horrible dream last night that Blackie came back from the grave.
9. I hope I never have that dream again it was creepy
10. Some days I wish I was a turtle, today isn't one of them.


Here is the rest of the story!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I went to the bar and played my weekly night of poker. I didn't win and that's not even the point. About a month ago, I met this gentleman who was a lot older and was a successful business man. I was the young girl at the table as I normally am, and he was an elder. Throughout the night this man and I had some interesting conversations. At one point we started talking about the homeless, a subject I am very passionate about. A subject that I can promise, you don't want to debate about with me. Why? Because I will win. During this conversation the "elder" asked me what I would do if I had unlimited money to devote to the homeless.

I explained to him that I felt like homelessness wasn't just about drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill. I told him this was my passion and I believed that the problem was that we weren't helping these people from the inside out. I am not a naive girl! I realize that there are people out there that choose this life. But I also believe with all my  heart that there are also people out there that know, no other way. If you sleep on the streets and you get used to the lifestyle, a part of you starts to believe that this is you. Your self esteem gets depleted and in a lot of ways you get broke down. How is this any different than women that are abused? How is this any different than children that grow up in homes that are anything but healthy? I don't care if you are on drugs, a drunk or just mentally beat down. I believe that we all deserve a chance, and who are any of us to say if and when these people have blown through there chances. I told him that if I had unlimited money, I would help these people mentally. I wouldn't shave them, feed them, give them clean clothes and send them on there way. I would try and help them from the inside. To help them fill full and whole again. I am in no way a saint. But I can tell you that I have no right to throw stones, and those people are no better than you and I. That night the "elder" told me about how much money he had. About how I should come in there on Monday and "pitch" this to him. About how he had so much money and he could help. Bullshit, you are just some fucking guy in a bar. Some guy that has no idea where these people come from.

Fast Forward to tonight. I see the same guy. Do you think he remembers me? NO! Do you think he remembers our conversation? NO! 

So tonight me being the "young in" that I am. He again decides to go deep. I am so up for the challenge. He asks me what I think about the economy and what I think is going to happen to us as a country. 

This is what I told him. I am a 34 year old woman with a 14 year old son and I have never been so scared in my life. Everyday I feel the doom and gloom all around me and its eats me up inside. I still think of myself as a child and in these moments I feel more grown up then I ever have. Am I scared, hell yeah. How could I not be. But I am a devil's advocate kind of girl So for me the worst case scenario is a given. I tell him that I refuse to live in fear over this one topic. I tell him that I relate this to "little house on the prairie". They lived without electricity, they lived for each other off the land. NO, I am not a tree hugger. I too have taken more than I have needed just like the rest of us. But our worst case is what. Our worst case scenario is this. If things get really bad then as a country we start to combine efforts. Children move in with mom's, Grandmother's move in with Children. As a country we come together as a unit. We reach out and we help our neighbor. Bottom lime we will all get through this together. That is what America is about. We show our strength and our unity and no matter how bad it gets we give the next generation something to be proud of. Just like the generations before us. We find unity and this brings us closer, how can that be a bad thing in the end. After this conversation the "elder" tells me I should come work for him. What a joke! I tell him "you can't afford me" you don't even get it.

I believe in my hearts of heart that I am a good person. I don't know where I stand with God and in some ways that gives me an easy way out. It would be so easy to blame him for all that is wrong. The sad part of that is that the older I get I realize that all that is wrong, we have caused. What a sad revelation.

People get over yourself, we are all scared. If you are reading this thinking I am being dramatic, well than you are full of shit. I am just speaking what so many of us are afraid to voice. We are all scared. Its not about being scared its about how we deal with it. 

Sorry to be soooooooo blah. But as Christina says " life isn't all peace, love and unicorns".


NRTR #88

It makes me laugh to think that the whole reason I started blogging, was because of my X. I didn't want my family to have to hear about the escapades one more time and I thought it would be a great place to vent, to speak my mind and ultimately a place for just me. Last night I went back and read all my posts from the beginning. I wanted to see how far I had come and in that I realized how truly RANDOM I am. My writing is all over the place so thanks for "getting" me and sticking around.

My X is still just that an X. I had initially thought that we were going to be able to stay friends. UHHHHH no, not the case. No need to even get into details. But I will tell you this. People don't change. They may be able to change habits, but the core of who that person is will never change. I am looking forward to  lots of meaningless hook-ups in 09. I have had one so far at it made me realize that maybe I need to be changing my age group to 40 and above, lol. 

Work has been crazy busy and at the end of the day my brain is truly fried! I have to get a laptop within the next month. Any Advice?

My son is awesome as always. I didn't think a set of drums would change his life as much as it has. I knew I would hear deafening banging for eternity but I didn't know my garage would turn into the 8th grade clubhouse. It's cool though. Everyday it amazes me how different boys are from girls. I never had a brother so this is my first experience with boys. It has taught me a lot, he is so laid back and just has different priorities. Last night he informed me that Saturday afternoon the party was in his domain, lol. How great it must be to have no worries.

That's really all I have folks. Have a great Tuesday!


Insert Creative Title Here............

-I really love vanilla yogurt with honey. When you put honey in yogurt, it hardens a bit like candy. It so freaking yummylicious.

-Yesterday Afternoon I was mad that I still hadn't received my darts. Damn UPS Man....Last Night I went and checked my mail and there were  my darts. So that's what they meant by standard mail? Major blond moment, they had been here since Friday.

-My Son is loving his drums and has made the garage into his man-cave.

-I find myself saying "turn that down" more and more and I hate it. 

-I am an amazing kisser! I don't even really need to be told, I am that confident. To me there is nothing sexing then a great kiss. 

-I wish it was still Friday. 

-It's raining here and I have decided to wear my pink sock monkey pj's all day!

How was your weekend?

Side Note: Yes I have those PJ's! They were my Christmas eve gift from my son.

Side Note 2: My uncle got me the same ones. I kept both pairs :)


Crazy joke from an old guy at the bar.

If it takes 5 coconuts to make a 1/2 pint of coconut oil..............where does baby oil come from?


No Sex Before Marriage....


I don't know what is happening but I am stuck in song- one liner mode, and it's killing me. First it was "if you want it then you better put a ring on it". Next I moved on to "only the cool people", then "hi-hat with a suped-up tempo" and now "no sex before marriage". wtf?

So I have to tell you that I am truly shocked at how many people don't know what Frito Pie is. Seriously, do they only have these in Texas? If I was creative enough, I would do an ode to Frito Pie because it's freaking awesome. It's crunchy, gooey, golden-ness. "so all you fly brothers" do you see, I just can't stop. Any who here is the best way to eat it.

Heat a can of Homel chili, then take a small bag of Fritos, cut the top off, and pour the chili on top of the Fritos. Waahlah its that simple. Now you can add cheese, onions, queso, jalp....well you get the picture. This stuff is a Texas staple and if you haven't had it, make it tonight!

Does anyone else have a similar story with food they eat, but others are clueless about?

Side Note: Don't even get me started on eggo's and no they aren't waffles!

Side Note 2: Was does the spork always make the food taste better?

What I want to know......

Today I am going to change things up a little. Tin Truths will be back next Thursday. Today I need answers and I want to know some of your truths. So go ahead and play or just keep lurking, lol.

1. How does the dryer catch fire from drying?

2. Do you prefer short blogs or long blog posts?

3. What is one thing you wish you could have in your life right now? can't be money or love.

4. Do you like to hear bird chirping?

5. What is the one product that you can't live without?

6. What is the most embarrassing song on your ipod?

7. What is your worst/best quality?

8. What is the weirdest food you like to eat?

9. If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

10. Do you believe Obama will make a change?

Side Note: The dryer is $300. It's vintage and if you want to buy it click here.


Holy Cow..........

I just saw this over at "Life of a Nguyener" and I had to post it on my blog. Everyone has to watch this, if you haven't already. The little boy David just got out of the dentist.


Is it Weird?

Is it weird that.............

I keep singing "if you like it then you better put a ring on it"

When I go to sleep I play guitar hero in my head

When I am in the bathroom and busy, that sometimes I have to check for snakes coming from the sewer

I have lengthy conversations with myself

After a night of drinking I can see better

I still crave mashed potatoes with lemon juice

I can chug Red Bull

I tried a few days ago to lick my elbow for like 7 minutes, all cause someone said you couldn't

just wondering..............

Side Note: Yes I ordered those darts and no they aren't here yet


I have brought up Bonnaroo before, and most of you were like WTF? Bonnaroo is a musical festival held in TN and to says its big, is an understatement. Last Year in April, my X and I decided we would make the trip in June. At first I was a little weary but going VIP changed my mind quickly. Me being the researcher I am, took the next couple of months to research everything I could about the festival. The weather, the food, you name it I researched it. 

This festival is absolutely massive, 80K people massive. Its a 4 day festival on a huge farm and everyone camps out for the duration. Inside the farm there are two camp areas one called general admission and one called VIP. I was in VIP! Over 4 days they bring in a ton of amazing musicians, comedians, etc. They literally turn this farm into a mini city that resembles a circus/carnival/festival. 

I was so excited when I went last year because in one setting I was going to see BB King, Willie Nelson, Pear Jam, Metallica, OAR, Chris Rock and the list goes on. The festival didn't disappoint. Seeing BB King was one of the coolest shows I have ever seen and Pearl Jam rocked it. Yes, I just said rocked it. Inside the "city" there was so much to do. Film tents, comedy tents and more music than you could imagine. 

I had one of the best times ever. I met a great group of friends and had a bit of an awakening. Not in a tree hugging, psychedelic, trippy awakening. But more like a kumbaya awakening, lol. To see that many people in one setting, all happy to be there and all experience the same thing but in different ways. Well, it had to of been how Woodstock felt on a smaller scale.

Last night I stayed up and couldn't wait for the 09' lineup to be announced. I wondered how could they possibly top 08'.

this is how.

Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Nine Inch Nails, Snoop Dog, WILO, Merle Haggard, MGMT, Al Green and the list goes on and on. 

So yes I am now trying to figure out how to make this possible again.

Side Note: I had the most amazing beer when I was there "Sweetwater Blue" and I can't wait to get me some more. It has a blueberry flavor, love it, love it, love it.


Brown Chicken Brown Cow

How is it that I am 34 and two weeks ago was the first time that I ever heard this. I am hip to the bow chicka bow wow days. Furthermore, why can't I stop saying it. I feel like a teenager that just heard Bangkok for the first time. 

So in typical random fashion here goes.

Toothpaste- If you can't stand the cap off the toothpaste I am not the girl for you . In an effort to clean up my tp act, I bought the stand up tube. Note to others: All toothpaste gets dry if you don't replace the cap, ughggggg.

Drinking the Koolaid- Bottom line I need more of you to drink the jag koolaid. I will be changing some things up very soon. Including a post on Sunday's for the boys! It will be full of  T&A, beer, sports, new! Your Welcome, Ken!

Pink Darts- Save it I already, I know how obsessed I am. I thought this game was a retarded boy game. After playing now 11 times I am freaking hooked. So in order to make it a little more girly, I ordered pink darts and they come in today.

Post Secrets- Seriously I don't like this site. I go there here and again to make sure I don't like it. Every time after about 5 minutes of reading I feel doom and gloom, not fun folks.

Finally, humor me! Tell me something you did this weekend, Tell me a random fact, Tell me what snack you ate while watching the game. I don't care but TELL ME SOMETHING. I want all lurkers to post, say hi, post blank, I don't care just post.

Side Note: I apologize in advance for getting this title stuck in your head. 

Side Note 2: Actually I don't!

Side Note 3: For all the of you that don't GET IT. Brown chicken brown cow sounds alike like old 60-70's porn. You know Bow chicka Bow wow?


To B:

14 years ago today I fell in love with you. The day you were born it changed my life forever. You in that instant became the most precious person in my life. For weeks and weeks I watched you sleep, smile, laugh and grow. Today you are 14 and you have grown into such a beautiful young man. You tower me now and instead of "mom" I get called "shorty", thank you for that I love it. I am so proud of the man you are becoming. You humor is infectious to all around you and your smile takes my breath away. I know in a lot of ways we are raising each other. We are such a great team and we have perfected the " learn as you go". Yes, as I am writing this, tears are streaming down my face. Not because I am sad, but because I am so proud to be your mom. I know it will be years before you read this. But when you do know that today was a wonderful day. You played your drums and yes your mom is attempting to make a carrot cake. I love you so much. Happy Birthday Baby.

Shorty (aka, mom)