Tin Truths 33

1. My kitty's got worms and it was nasty!
2. Football practice starts in a few days, I can't wait!
3. Grass isn't greener some have to learn the hard way!
4. LOVE being BS'd NOT!
5. Match is way better then Yahoo personals.
6. Sex is within days, I can feel it.
7. I want a garden tomato, I want it.
8. I have to remember that I can't drink sake w/sushi.
9. Monday is going to be interesting.
10. I dont have a 10, I cant believe it.


Major Monday.

Major changes my friends. Major changes. 

This weekend I spent time with family and had a great time. Last year I wasn't much of a pool rat but this year its all I want to do. I am going to have to find a new pool that I love. My pool just sucks. 

I am excited for today for many reasons. Its time for me to pull my head out of my ass and get with the program. Not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint as well. I am going to take an internal jag roll call and start wiping people and things off my list. I am going to put my plan on here so I hold myself accountable. 

Weight- As of today I weigh 164 pounds. The frustrating thing about me is that for whatever reason I "wear" my weight well. No one ever believes me. But yes I am a fat fuck and I have put it out there for all to see. I have planned my meals out for the entire week and am committed to working out 6 out of 7 days a week. Today I will be walking 4 miles, and doing 100 crunches. Oh and for the record my last supper was Chicken Fried Steak, Fried Okra, Buttered Sweet Carrots and Sweet Tea. Ya I am in TEXAS! today its fiber cereal and grilled chicken, yum.

Business- I have gone back to square one and am taking inventory of all my accounts. Its time to wake up and go back to making things happen.

Personal- I am up on two dating sites and in a few weeks I will make the jump to go on my first date. I dont want a relationship but I do want to meet new people. I am also going to be making a pact with myself to stop reaching out to people who don't reach back or give nothing back in return. Too many people in my life just take me for granted and I am over it. I am here and they should be lucky to have me in there lives if they cant see it, it WILL be there loss.

Family- I am going to make more time with my family. Even if it just means spending a few hours at the pool or having lunch. In two weeks a bunch of us are going to see "Music Man" and I can't wait. It feels amazing to be around people who love you, who understand you and who make an effort to be in your life. 

Other then that pretty much status quo. I have been irritated for a couple of days and I think its just because a lot has gone on in my life over the past few weeks. I have been giving myself unrealistic expectations for not only myself but for people around me. I have to start living for me and fuck everyone else. I have to step forward and stop taking so many steps back. Anywho I will keep you all updated on my amazing progress, because yes it will be amazing.

In closing- I would like for you give me some advice. Tell me one thing that you do for YOU, or one thing that you have in  your life that is no one else's. 


Tin Truths Thirty Two

1. My kittens sound like ewoks, for some reason they can't meow!
2. I am finally tan, YES!
3. I am now on two dating sites, this should give me lots of material.
4. Today my job gave me a great jump start.
5. Right now I am loving cherry vanilla ice cream by blue bell.
6. I really hate being the one that gets the brunt of it.
7. Today I will find time to get wet!
8. I read the Big Brother live feed updates, daily.
9. My grass is dead.
10. I have started the process of putting my 1 yr blog into a book!


And I missed my own Birthday.....Nice.

Yeah so I am a lazy ass! What can I say. As of Saturday, Last Saturday....I have been blogging for a year. I want to thank the academy, my readers, my followers, my friends and my family. This was something that I wanted to do for a very long time. I read my first post, and I am proud as to how far I have come. When I read back to the beginning I realize that things do get better and we do get stronger. I have made life long friends because of this blog and I have given myself an outlet to say whatever I want, whenever I want. Thanks for being here to share this with me. I am excited to see what my next year brings.


Do with it what you want!

The next however many paragraphs will be beyond a rant and rave. So read it or come back tomorrow.

An Open Letter to Kenneth D. Lewis CEO of Bank of America-

I am not sure what happened to the day and age of customers being important or for that matter your desire to keep your customers. It seems that in this type of economy you would want to keep each and every customer that you currently have. Are you in a position that Bank of America is making so much money that you can afford to lose a few customers here and there? Actually based on your questionable business practices I will assume the answer to that is yes.

I will tell you my story and what you choose to do with it is up to you. I however have the right to let the public know, exactly how Bank of America treats their customers.

I currently bank with your Georgetown, TX  location. Towards the end of June, I went into the negative in my account and was charged 7 overdraft fees. I was also charged an additional $35 for what was called "Extended Overdrawn Balance Charge". This wasn't the first time in my life that I have had overdraft fees. However, I was shocked to find that on top of the 7 fees I got the extended one as well. I didn't complain when this happened I paid the $280 dollars and realized lessons learned. I won't get into all the exacts about how, when or why I had overages, but the two weeks before that, other things were more important then following this as close as I should have. 

Fast forward to 15 days later and here entails the problem. In a down economy like this one I am sure I don't have to tell you that $280 out of someones pocket that wasn't budgeted, is a big deal. Or actually maybe I do have to tell you. Maybe you make so much money that you forget about the little people. Maybe you forget that sometimes life happens and some things are out of our control. 

On July 14th I realize that my account was in the negative by $47. In reality it was only in the negative for $29.50 because there was a charge for $17.50 that was in pending that was never going to clear. Regardless that morning of the 14th I deposited $60 dollars in my account. More then enough to cover what was over. This morning I wake up and find that I have 8 overdraft charges. Another $280 dollars!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!! I start to scrub through my account and I realize that you paid the highest withdraws first. You chose to pay the highest charge first even though it was days after the smaller charges. Had you of paid them in order I would of had 1 overdraft with you at best. Not to mention the fact that I put a deposit in immediately to cover the charges. So instead you pay the high ones and let charges of $13/$10/$7/$6/$3/$3/$2 get hit with overdraft charges. This is beyond ridiculous.

As soon as I saw the charges in my account this morning I called Bank of America customer service. The gentleman that I spoke to was VERY cordial and got me to a supervisor named "Lydia". I explained to "Lydia" my situation. I told her all the above that Bank of America had gotten a total of $560 dollars out of me for the past two weeks and asked her to look at my account a little closer. I expressed to her that I didn't expect my charges to be taken off every time but this time I felt I was in the right and I wanted them removed. She took about half a second to say NO and tell me that $78 was all that she was WILLING to remove. At this point I was in tears and asked to speak with her manager, she informed that I couldn't speak to her and that she would take my number and have someone call me back in 48 hours. I explained to her that I had made a deposit within 4 hours of noticing anything wrong with my account and that Bank of America wasted no time in charging the fees and that I wanted to speak with someone now. She again said no one was available but her, she said this over and over and then HUNG up the phone. 

Immediately I drove to my local branch. The gentleman that I sat with was very nice although he said he couldn't do anything without the managers approval. I explained my situation and told him that I was ready to cancel my account. That I wanted all 8 fees removed and that I was ready to go as high up as needed. He logged into my account and saw that the lady that hung up on me had credited me $78 dollars and then locked my account so that no further fees could be deducted. He said the only thing we could do is look at the fees before and talk to the manager, she put back in my account $122 dollars. So in all I was credited $200 back in my account. He told me that this was more then most people get back and that I should be happy. That fighting it wouldn't be smart. I was told that I could go up as high as I wanted but from his experience it would do no good. I left came home and this is where I sit, wondering what in the world happened to customer service. What happened to morals or sometimes people doing whats right even if its not written in the handbook. 

I am beyond mad and you will lose a customer over this. What sense does it make to "tell" your customers that the highest charge is paid first because "you" assume its priority. When in reality all the charges get paid. You simply pick and choose which ones you "LIST" as paid first. In my situation had you of paid it correctly as it came in or for that matter took two seconds to look at my account, I never would have been charged that many overages. It makes me sick to  think how much money your company makes a week buy using these practices. I can understand if you weren't going to pay the small charges. But you were going to pay them how else could you collect your fee. I wont reduce myself to making idle threats about telling everyone I know to choose another bank. I will however put my words out there on every blog, feed, twitter and send this to anyone else that will listen. I will let people make there own judgement about your practices. 

Anyone other then a robot should have been able to look at my account as a person and realize that what I was saying was correct. They could see the deposit I made and everything after, instead I was made to feel like an idiot customer that didn't matter. I don't claim to be the perfect banking customer. Have I had overdrafts in my life, yes. Haven't we all? Do I call and complain every time I get a charge, NO. Should I have been treated better, YES. Someone please tell me why I should ALLOW Bank of America to be my bank. Is your ego so large that you don't realize that you need us just as much as we need you. So yes my complaint is over $80  but at this point its not even about the $80 its about a company that doesn't care about the little people. And that is just sad!

Your Former Customer.


NTR #69

Yeah so I couldn't resist, so what! 

My mind is full of beyond randomness this week.

-3 little girls were swimming in the pool last week. 2 were about 6 and they were whispering about the rules of being a mermaid. ie. never let them see your tail. It was too cute but the best part was when the little 3 year old kept saying what because she couldn't hear them. Finally she just says "hey mermaids, sometimes I pee in the pool." laughed my ass off.

-still at 0. However now I have a plan!

-I am somewhat starting to get tan. I could live in the water.

-Going to a Pimp's and Ho's party this weekend. This should be interesting!

jag out!


I Love #12

Just in time for summer. This spray oil is awesome. It has an SPF of 12 and it comes in higher SPF's as well. My cousin turned me on to this and I love it. I think the spray sunscreen is one of my favorite technologies. So of course oil was coming next. Yes it smells amazing, Yes it comes out in a continuous spray, Yes I love it.

Tanning Dry Oil w/SPF 12, by Hawaiian Tropic ($6.99)


So, two girls walk in a bar....

young, cute, fun, amazing, beautiful, smart, awesome, well you get the picture. We go to the bar order a drink and start to talk about god. I don't know why I am giggling right now as I write this but I just find that funny as shit, and its the truth. Anyhow across the way is stalky, stalkerten. You know the guy that is at the bar hugging it already when you walk in. Freakboy starts asking me questions and trust me I am being VERY nice! I answer them and smile or I should say I answer them and SUCK down my jim and coke. After awhile I am seriously over saying what, what, what did you say. Hey fatboy why don't you come over here so I can hear wtf you are saying. Okay, no I didn't say fatboy and yes i am a fatgirl so I will say fatboy whenever the hell I want. I am already irritated when he comes over because apparently not only is he a fat, freakboy, stalker he is also deaf and he cant retain information! ughh! He comes over and tells us that he had been there since 4! Ding, Ding, Ding, that explains it all bud. The next question that came out of his mouth will be with me forever. " So were you guys alive when Elvis died?" WTF, WtF, WTH, seriously. Alive when Elvis died?!? The point is, this guy is out there! That was definitely a first.

So, two girls are still sitting at the bar. And for the record, this is the best part. behind the bar a new bartender is being trained. Already I am particularly not impressed. Partly because I am bitch and partly because I like my usual bartenders. Behind us walks up Mr. nice guy when he is sober, fun guy when he is buzzed and an obscene monster when he is drunk. At the moment he is fun buzzed guy. He then says to me a line that cracked me up. I felt like for one second I was living in a man's brain, and I LIKED it!! He says: "Damn the new girl is already dressing like it's rent week." I laughed my ass off. I had never heard that before but he assured me it was all too true. So tacky yet so great.  Anywho that's all folks!


Tin Truths 31

1. Last night I had sex with a vampire. (dreams count!!!)
2. Forbidden jungle might be my new favorite drink.
3. I can read over 800 wpm, yes I am awesome!
4. I decided to let god back in my life, not as deep as it sounds.
5. I still need SEX!
6. Forgive me lord, for I am going to sin!
7. I think one spoon of ice cream is enough!
8. I wish I could live on cereal and not get fat.
9. I saw the face of a 1 night stand from 7 yrs ago last night, uhh!
10. I wish I had 50 of the "The Shack" books, I want to give one to everybody.


Caitism's #2

" is wondering why boys complain about girls taking forever when they actually exist within their own alternate version of time. "


Wrap it UP!

  • The Friday before the 4th was awesome, spent time with my favorite girls. A mini ya-ya of sorts.
  • I am committed to working out and so far have only missed one day. Does it matter that I have only been working out for 2? NO!
  • I read the "The Shack" I won't say that it was life changing, but it was life changing. More about this subject to come.
  • Vibrators and Teenagers very FUNNY what kids think when they find them!
  • I realized I am a speed reader I read the Twilight series in days. Those books could of been half the size!
  • Life is good!!!!!!! My blog birthday is coming up and I can't wait.
jag out.........


Caitism's #1

This series hopefully will be here to stay. I have a cousin who is a little younger then me, okay maybe a lot younger!!! But her mind works in a beautiful way. She says the simplest things yet sometimes her thoughts are so profound. I didn't think it was fair that only I got to enjoy these Caitism's! So for the next few weeks enjoy!

" The first bite of watermelon is the first real sign that summer has started. 
The first stomach ache from eating too much watermelon is the first 
real sign that you have eaten too much watermelon! "

by, da cuz