Tin Truths 26

1. I am a tetris master, my high score is 1799 lines in 32 minutes
2. The worst thing about a gluten allergy, no Jim Beam.
3. I finally know how to BBQ steak
4. Being a bad kisser is definitely a deal breaker.
5. The new cat is gone, and I am happy about it.
6. I love doing laundry, I hate folding my clothes
7. I am in dire of need of hot, dirty sex.
8. I could live in the bathtub
9. I think I was a mermaid in a past life.
10. The lizards are back and the stalking is worse than ever.


Detox Finale

Click here for the final blog on My Detox Journey.

She Lives!

First let me start off by saying...DON'T google hand from the grave. Yes, I know half of you are already alt-tabbing over to google. You would think after all this time of googling my creepy radar would be working a little better. 

I am  happy to report that I am alive and back. Hopefully, I haven't lost all my readers! I have been "lurking" on your blogs and reading all of your emails. Kacy, I got your shout out and loved it. 

I wont make excuses. It felt like pressure. With everything else going on in my life it was like that person that calls you over and over and you just don't want to answer. I haven't even logged in to blogger. I was scared to see how many people I had lost. 

The great thing about today was that the second I logged in and saw "my" blog, a huge smile came across my face. Yes team, I think I am ready.

Anywho enough with the fucking mushy, soul searching crap. I have lots to tell and plenty of stories to follow. I lasted like 5 days on the detox and yes black sludge does come out your ass. Just in case anyone is wondering. I finally got my X out of my damn house and have been working on project "get all his shit the hell out". I know clever and yes I came up with it. 

My son is grounded for life which I am actually enjoying. My mom's birthday is coming as well as my own. I completely fucked up the 35 before 35 and now I am definitely going to be playing catch up. Jormen you were right, does that make you happy! ugh!

I will now close with what I think is one of the best poems I have ever heard. This came from a friend last night off facebook.

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Spurs fans are sick
and its not Swine Flu!!!

Love it. Glad to be back. See you guys tomorrow.

jag out.