JFC #2

For Better or For Worse


I love #11

A few months ago I read about this product on someone's blog. I forgot who's so if it was your blog, leave me a comment and I will link. When I first read the post I wasn't so sure. I am a bit of a product snob and in the past I haven't been very impressed by any of Neutrogena's products. However, after reading the comments I decided to give it a try. Oddly enough this was because of all the comments saying that this product tingled and burned a bit. No pain, no gain. I am happy to report that I am on day 4 and this product will give you results. My face not only looks clearer but it has a healthy glow as well. I get recurring breakouts on the right side of my chin from my phone. NOTHING, has helped with these breakouts until now. This stuff gets 5 stars!

14 Day Skin Rescure, by Neutrogena ($23.99)


Just Drink The Koolaid and STFU!

Whoa........easy now tiger. As my son used to say when he was little, "mom, take a calm down, take a chill out". 

It's Friday bitches and I am in rare form. It's a beautiful day in  my neighborhood and I can't wait to get this weekend started. But before we do that I have to talk with a few of you about "FB".

Yep, Facebook. 

Last July I was at a family picnic/reunion, when one of my cousins told me about fb. When I first heard about it I thought it was going to be like myspace, soooo not like myspace. Bottom line if you haven't signed up you really should, its a great way to keep up with people, without really keeping up.

Now for the good stuff. For those of you who already have fb and have a blackberry, I am about to get completely geeked out on you. Most of you probably have an application on your blackberry already. However, they just came out with a new app. This one pulls in the pictures, phone numbers and blackberry contact info. Its super cool, check it out. 

Have a great memorial day weekend! Drink lots of beer and have lots of sex! Two things I have had very little of lately!


Tin Truths 28

1. Mango Limeade at Sonic Rocks!
2. Facebook continues to amaze me.
3. I love Spencer Pratt.
4. I still don't know what's happening with my body.
5. I saw "the burbs" for the first time, funny as hell.
6. My son calls me "wiki", and yes its cause of wikipedia.
7. I love swimming, hopefully I start dropping the pounds.
8. I have been wondering lately, when did gobstoppers get so small.
9. For my birthday one friend gave me cupcakes and a scale. hmmmm
10. Favorite Quote this week.."pics or it didn't happen".

Side Note: Yes, the mower is pink! If I had that I would mow daily! 


Halfway to 70!

They say it's my birthday, duh na nah nah na. You probably all want to ask me the same question. How does it feel to be Halfway to 70? No different. I still feel old!

 I have always loved birthdays but as you get older they become not a big deal. I have never been married so it's the one day where I get to feel special ever year. Yes, it's all about me. This year I got some pretty special things from my mom/son and had to share!

1. I got a peace sign on a chain and a wine bottle charm. Both are from James Avery and they are super cute. thanks guys.

2. The picture you see above of the dragonfly's was painted by my mom. She has such an amazing talent. She has only been doing watercolor's for about 6 months and her talent is clear as day. She has done quite a few paintings that are gallery ready! Anywho my beautiful painting sits in my office now and I LOVE IT!

3. The coolest gift out of all of them was the book that you see above. It's the complete tales of Beatrix Potter in the original order and exactly how they were sent to be printed. Before each story, there is a story about the story. Also the book has 4 stories never published..........Last Year I saw Miss Potter the movie for the first time and I fell in love with it. I am a big happy ever ending kind of girl and this book fit that in every way. The first time I watched the movie I watched it 3 times in a row. It is the ONLY movie out there that I can watch over and over. A few months after, my mom watched it and she loved it. Its set in the early 1900"s and its based on the true story of Beatrix Potter. I hate to sound gay here, but what an inspiration to us all. This gift was beyond thoughtful! I have read it every night, and for the past few days it has slept with me. Yes I am a dork.

Overall 34 was interesting. Definitely allot of lessons learned. 35 is going to be about me. I am going to be selfish the entire year, I think I earned it. It's funny what age does to us, yes it just another year, and yes its just 35, and I am sure some of you think that is very young. But its still getting older no matter how you look at it. I look forward to getting myself in shape and finishing my 35 before 35.

Happy Birthday, Jag! You freaking made it to 35 aka "halfway to 70".

Side Note: As I was writing this my Mom showed up with a beautiful bouquet of pink gerber daisy's and a beautiful card. What a great day it has been so far!


I Wonder Wednesday 2?

Can water heaters blow up?

Do lizards eat spiders?

Do you ever sit around and think about dumb ass shit for no reason at all?

What do you want to know?


This One Never Gets Old.

Michael Flatley is the guy from Lord of the Dance. This video is a spoof and its freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your welcome for today's laugh.


Every Freezer needs just one!

A few weeks ago I went over to a friends house to play poker and his wife turned me on to these chicken wings. 

Let me start by saying that I am a food snob, and I don't like cooked crap in a bag and then frozen. Until I tried the Tyson's Anytizers frozen buffalo wings. They are freaking delicious. The flavor is spot on, the chicken wings have a ton of meat on them and they are easy to cook. That last sentence sounded so fucking martha stewart that I am throwing up a little in my mouth as we speak. Not cool! My last tip on these babies and I can't even believe I am saying this...... but, you might as well just microwave them they actually taste better that way.  4 minutes, who would of thought. add to these a small bowl of homemade hidden valley ranch (out of the packet) wheww....well you are on your way to coronary heaven!

Now on to the important stuff. 

What is your favorite part of the chicken?       


What is your one wow frozen food find? (and NOOOOO ice cream and dessert doesn't count) (and if you don't like that too bad, write your own damn post.) 


JFC #1

I have decided to post my favorite comics on Sunday's. As a child I enjoyed Opus so enjoy my first edition! If it's too small to read click here or click on the photo for a bigger version.


I love #10

Finally one for the boys and girls. I am a flip flop fanatic. Because of this my heels stay very dry all year. This stuff is AMAzing! It is the first product I have ever used that actually takes care of cracked feet. It smells so good, its not too greasy and  most importantly it works!

Reinventing The Heel, by Origins ($20)


Toby Take 2.

I love turtles and tortoises, they don't cough, slurp, smack or bark. They have a simple beauty that I adore.

A few years ago my mom decided to get me a turtle. The only problem was that it was a  red eared slider. I started reading up on these things and I found out that some have salmonella. For normal people this wouldn't be a problem.....Have I told you that I am a hypochondriac? Needless to say I scratched that idea and decided to buy a baby tortoise which I named Toby. I only had him a few months. The fucker wouldn't play and decided he was going to sleep all day and only come out at night. This really pissed me off! So I gave him to one of my son's lizard loving friends.

On Sunday, I am driving with a friend  and I spot a huge turtle on the road. Yes, the one in the pic above. I think SCORE, if this thing can handle cars zooming by then he isn't a shy one and we will become fast friends. I get out of the car to grab him and he is huge, but before doing so I put on gloves cause yes he is a salmonella carrier. I pick him up and tons of water starts coming out of his shell. I am grossed out and I'm convinced he is pissing everywhere. I later learn it was water. I put him in the floor board but of course I am not putting any of my body parts anywhere near this thing. This is where I have to laugh because yes I do love the animal, truly this shouldn't be that hard. 

I get him home and I am very happy to have a  little backyard friend. Well that lasted 2 days. Because on Tuesday I went outside to the shock of a hole in my fence, no turtle and my neighbors very happy dog. We retrieved Toby and luckily he wasn't hurt. I decided I had caused him enough pain and took him to a very nice river/park in my town. Yes I did the right thing but now once again I am turtleless and back on the hunt for my next turtle adventure.


Tin Truths 27

1. I am in the process of learning how to  make a turtle pond.
2. When I buy plants or animals they die. 
3. I think Mother Nature hates me.
4. I am very proud of my son for accepting responsibility for his actions.
5. No, he didn't get anyone pregnant!
6. I am a James Avery Fanatic.
7. In 7 days I will be half way to 70.
8. My new love is Corn Tortillas.
9. I have decided I want to date me who are 40+.
10. The Swine Flu thing freaked me out.


I Wonder Wednesday?

Does anyone else check the toilet for snakes before they sit down?


The bitch is back!

Oh a little controversy in the morning is always fun. Here is where I proudly inject  my foot and refuse to take it out.

Today I watched the news video about birth control for men. My first thought before reading the story was its about damn time. My second thought was, is any woman out there going to trust a man to take his birth control every day? That being said I can promise you if I was a man I wouldn't be relying on a woman to ensure that I didn't get somebody knocked up. I would be triple wrapping that sucker every single time.

So I start to watch the video. In the intro it talks about how its a shot for men and its reversible. The second the lady said that, I could feel my blood start to boil. Reversible, are you fucking kidding me. The technology for a woman is a freaking shot that makes us gain 128 pounds, and makes it harder to get pregnant when we get off it. Not to mention the obvious, uhhh..........we are the ones that have to have the baby.  

This is where I am sure I piss somebody off. So I am thinking WTF? Who the hell out there has so  much time that they are trying to come up with a master shot for men instead of trying to make the female shot better.

The answer is MEN in CHINA.........enough said!

What are your thoughts!


54........What A Beautiful Number!

My mom turned 54 this weekend and she is as beautiful as ever. She is my rock, my best friend and definitely the love of my life. Mom, these 54 things are for you.

54 things that I love about my mom!

1. I love that you can grow anything in a garden.
2. I love that I get the fruits from those gardens.
3. I love your laugh.
4. I love it even more when we giggle on the front porch.
5. I love that when I was little, I was never too big for a Saturday afternoon picnic.
6. Even if it was just in the backyard.
7. I love that you will take the fish off the hook.
8. I love that you understand that I won't.
9. I love when you rub your face, when your stressed.
10. I love that you smile about it, when I point it out.
11. I love that you found your soul mate.
12. I love it when you tell me I will find mine.
13. I love that you have beautiful legs.
14. I love that you aren't afraid to show them off.
15. I love that when I call you in tears, you always know why.
16. Especially when I call and you say"dammit, are you watching Terms of Endearment again".
17. I love that you are as great of a daughter, as you are a mother.
18. I love that you are an even better Grandma.
19. I love your strength.
20. I love that I draw from your wisdom and lessons learned. 
21. I love that you still get excited about the little things.
22. Like getting new glasses.
23. I love your adorable haircut.
24. Every time I see it, it just reminds me of a pixie.
25. I love that you never judge me.
26. Even when I need to be judged.
27. I love to see you dance.
28. Mustang Sally forever bonds us.
29. I love that you take all my "sick" calls, very seriously.
30. I love even more that you hardly laugh.
31. I love your inner hippie.
32. The lesson of Karma, has been a priceless one.
33. I love that you have found a new passion.
34. I can't wait to see the fireflies.
35. I love that you take a strong stand in your community.
36. I love that you found a place to call home.
37. I love your commitment to family.
38. I love even more your commitment to B.
39. I love that your such a great listener.
40. I love that you now say "everything is going to be okay".
41. I love that you follow my blog.
42. I love it even more, when we laugh and have our "talks" about it.
43. I love the way you smell.
44. That is a scent I wish I could bottle and have forever.
45. I love your humor.
46. I love that you we both get the “far side”.
47. I love that at 34, I can still crawl in your bed.
48. I love it even more that you still cuddle.
49. I love your cooking
50. I especially love your beef strogaonaff.
51. I love that we were together for the past.
52. I love it even more that we are each others future.
53. I love your heart.
54. I love you, Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom, I love you so much. I can't wait to spend time with you this weekend!


A reminder.....

Yesterday as I was catching up on my blogs I came across "jormen's" post on "The Nemesing One". While I was gone it seems that he passed away. I am sure that most of you know this all ready but I felt like I needed to post this anyways.

When I first started blogging he was one of my first commenter's. The daily banter between him and I always put a smile on my face. Sometimes perverted, jaded, insightful, yet always entertaining. As I was reading the post, tears were streaming down my face. How could this be that he had passed. I spent the next hour googling "The Nemesing One" in a attempt to get any kind of answers. In doing so I came across "Siren's" post and if I thought I was upset before this put me into full blown sobs.

My mom was also a faithful reader of his. She would call me sometimes to talk about his posts, long before I ever had time to read them. 

Our readers are "our friends". I couldn't believe the kind of emotion I had over someone I had never met. But I did know him, and he knew me. We all share things on our blogs that are intimate. We laugh, We cry, We give our thoughts and We do all of this together. You are all my friends and you are all a part of my life, even if in a small way.

I am a believer in the little things in life. Below is his last post that he had written should anything happen to him. 

Due to various health problems, he believed his time might well be short. As it was, a car accident and drunk driver accounted for this fine soul of outrage passing over.

He'd prepared a final post to say his last piece and give a few more funny thoughts to his readers:

"I enjoyed my time blogging and getting to know some of you. If any of you are sad, please don't be. I only wanted to make you laugh, and I'd hate to see a negative net benefit to you. So buck up little campers. It's all good.

Please be aware that all you hotties that I've sexually harassed on my blog, I'm watching you shower and me likes!!!! My 2" killer is even smaller now, so that's kind of a bummer."

Side Note: Nemesing One.......You will be missed!!!!!!!