My Swapfest Package

My Swapfest partner was News Readin' Wife over at Breaking News. A few days before Christmas I opened my front door and there sat a box. At first I just looked at it wondering wtf is this and why am I getting a box. When I picked up the box I saw it was addressed to Just a Girl and I got super excited. I felt like a little kid ripping open the tape on top of the box. My first glimmer of the contents inside was pink and silver and zebra, oh my! 

I couldn't believe how much thought she had put into my swap! I opened the card first and its was the little touches she put on everything that made me smile. In my card she mentioned my son, I was touched to say the least. 

Inside the box was a pink martini shaker, with pomegranate martini mix. It was super cute, next I opened a box that was wrapped with the cutest zebra wrapping paper and a pink bow. Inside was a set of 3 lip glosses by, Benefit. Next was a silver basket and inside the basket was a beautiful pink candle, a hello kitty notebook and hello kitty pens. The picture doesn't do the candle justice its absolutely perfect.

Thank you so much "News Readin' Wife" I loved all of it. I hope you love yours as well. 


shes back.........

Yes, like most of you I have been submerged in Holiday CHAOS! As much as I love the holidays I am  happy that they are coming to an end. I can't believe that 2008 has come and gone so quickly. I have so much more to say but this is just a little blurb to let you all know that I am alive. I will be doing my toy review, my swap update, my swap post and much, much more, hopefully by this evening. 


Tin Truths 8 Teen

1. I will be posting my first sex toy review in the next few days.
2. I just got my Christmas tree last night.
3. Flaming Hot Cheetos freaking rock
4. I heard the phrase popping turds for the first time this week and I love it.
5. Today I mailed my swap package, 3 days late. I suck!
6. I want to kiss hot wet lips under some damn misseltoe
7. I saw the new Narnia Movie and I hated it
8. I can't wait to hang up my pink stocking tonight.
9. I saw snow for about 8 minutes with my son and it was pretty cool
10. I am freaking addicted to the enigmo game on the itouch.

Side Note: No that isn't my stocking, but I wish it was!


Wed WA #1

The ole' word association. Yes, I stole it. Yes, it will be here to stay. 

Travel :: Dallas
Expensive :: Sephora
Backspace :: Spellcheck
Traffic noise :: Killing Me
Now see here :: I have a penis. (I don't know why, its word association)
Vegetables :: Cucumbers (No its not because of my previous answer)
Chat :: Freaks
Your calling :: Everything
Weekly : Garbage
Oh! :: Shit

Side Note: Don't be scared just freaking play already!

Side Note 2: Is it just me or does that reindeer look stoned?


Fievel and Fraggle

My son has been begging me for a robo hamster. Last night I decided that I would go look at them, and then get one for him closer to Christmas. They are tiny little things and when I first saw them I didn't like what I saw. There was way too much scurrying going on for my liking. They seemed a little to out of an Indian Jones scene for me. If you have seen Indiana Jones you know what I mean. I gave them a glance and decided fine I would get one closer to Christmas.

But then........................

I walked passed this cage and the there was Fievel. He wasn't scurrying and he seemed to be giving me a show. He was crunching on corn and running in his little wheel. In short, it was love at first sight. I got him out and went on  a search for his friend. I found Fraggle and though he would be a good friend for Fievel, and so I got them both. I got a house, and toys, and food, and treats, and they are so freaking cute.

This morning I woke up and had to take Fraggle back and get a new Fraggle. Old Fraggle wasn't very nice! So today Fievel and Fraggle are doing great. I am going to figure out how to do a live feed and add it to my blog. They don't replace "Blackie' by any means but they are making it easier.

That is my only weekend updates. Now I just really hope that these fuckers don't have babies. Because that would be really gross!!



7/15/03 to 12/12/08

May you rest in peace. 

Thanks for all the support and comments. It truly has helped.


Hug Your Cat Today...

You always hear the stories about checking under the hood for animals when the weather gets cold. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. I wont get into details, but my cat was in a horrible accident yesterday. Luckily he is going to live its nothing short of a miracle. He will lose most of his tail and his leg is injured pretty bad, but he is going to be okay. 

Point: Hug your pet today and learn from other peoples mistakes.

Side Note: Yes he looks that big in person. I think that's what saved his life.


Threesome In The House.

Okay so maybe not a threesome, but I definitely got tag teamed. Yes, I am laughing my ass off right now. Why? Because I am easily amused.

The rules are simple, tell 7 things about yourself.  I don't do simple, so I will comment on the 7 things that my 3 taggers said in their tag post. 

The first girl to tag me was Melissa over at "Somewhere in the City". 

1) I love tomatoes, I eat them like a piece of fruit. However, I only like ketchup on french fries. 
2) I can pronounce tortilla, hello I live in the south. But I cannot make a "tor-til-la"
3) Wow! Do you have cable?
4) Ditto, I love to shop. I wish I could do it for a living.
5) My favorite movie right now is Miss Potter.
6) Every time I hear Rick Schroeder, it makes me think of an after school special.
7) I usually don't drink on Wednesdays.

The second girl to tag me was Jaime over at "Red Red Whine".

1. Never written a book. But, when I was little I would type up short stories on my typewriter.
2. Wow that is really amazing. Oh and I always wanted to be a lawyer.
3. Bees don't scare me, and everything but a banana makes me break into hives. Not joking.
4. I don't know about favorite but a hammock on the beach anywhere, and I am sold.
5. I don't like pantie lines either, just go without.
6. I also failed parallel parking, and I also don't try it. EVER.
7. I need a personal trainer to punish me.

The third to tag was a boy (gasp) I mean a man, Jormengrund over at "Yet Another Day in Paradise...

(1) I am 5'1 and a half, and one of my best friends calls me a runt.
(2) I don't like kung fu movies or shows at all, and the cutting wood analogy is just weird.
(3) You had me at fantasy, and you lost me at Sci-Fi
(4) I love it all too...Opera, muzak, classical, rock, pop, reggae, soul, r&b, hip-hop, jazz, blues.
(5) I cant sing! Its an amazing talent to have, and it got you to Vegas. Word!
(6) Start saving now! 
(7) I have never wanted to be in a band. But I love Rock Band!

Side Note: I freaking love Slurpee's!

Side Note 2: Technically this is how "tin truths" should work.


I love #7

Yep its a face scrub, but not just any face scrub. This stuff is amazing and I have been using it for a couple of years. I am pretty sure I have just about turned my whole family on to it. The texture is amazing it feels like a soft scrub not sandpaper and its smells so good. What I love about this stuff is the way my face feels after I wash it. Its soooooooo soft and its great to see an immediate difference in any product.

Never A Dull Moment, by Origins ($25)

Side Note: Men if you are wondering what to get your wife for x-mas go back and read the I love series.


Just a Text

We all have one of those friends, who cracks us up. Here is our text from Wednesday. I am M and she is W, creative I know. Can you say stealth mode (insert me cracking up here).

W: Do you think people are looking at me because they know I have a roll?
M: Lol no

W: Maybe they want a bite of my muffins top!
M: That sounds dirty

W: Maybe because im a dirty little (fat) slut. Ewww bite my muffin!
M: Please stop u r making my fat hurt

W: Hey! Im bringing muffins back. Yeah! 
M: Why does it always have to be about u blueberry girl

W: What can I say, fat people are jolly.
M: ho ho ho

W: Oh you want to whip out the fat names you big bowl of jelly! Come on laugh lets see you jiggle!
M: I thought you were going to say don't make me whip out my banana. So I will see your jelly and raise you one Pillsbury.

W: I feel like that dinosaur with short arms when im trying to reach around my fat
M: Is it because of the fat arms or because you secretly want to eat people

W: Listen maybe you can help me pick out some sumo panties that don't make me look so fat.
M: I am so getting sumopanties.com

W: Some people just sat near me, I think they can sense my fat under my tarp.
M: Is this circus code?

W: I mean maybe we should just "roll" with it.
M: Lmfao

Side Note: NO, we aren't making fun of fat people. We both need to lose weight.

Side Note 2: Further more if this offended you, get over it. Its not about you!

Side Note 3: Side note much?


Tin Truths 17

1. I finished my dream office and its looks amazing
2. I am the only person I know who can gain weight dieting, WTF.
3. I am going to start doing reviews for a sex toy site, go figure.
4. My favorite dish on Thanksgiving is my mom's stuffing
5. In 24 hours my Christmas lights will be up.
6. I once had a turtle named Toby
7. That bastard wouldn't play with me so I gave him away.
8. I once had a duck named UD, Ugly Duckling
9. He got too big and  my grandma made me give him away.
10. I freaking love pumpkin pie.

Side Note: Yes, the picture is of my finished dream office. The pic doesn't do it justice. 


35 before 35

So I saw this over at My thirty before 30 journey and decided I was going to steal it. These are 35 things I want do before I am 35. My birthday is in May so I have about 5 months to complete as many of these as possible. I will call it my road to half way to 70, and I will blog about it as I go.

1. Get Eyeglasses, so very sad.
2. Meet one reader from my blog.
3. Have sex, just normal everyday sex.
4. Go to Sunday Brunch at the four seasons.
5. Get a facial.
6. Drive somewhere far. (this is huge trust me!)
7. Spend a day with just my mom.
8. Volunteer at the library.
9. Give a homeless person a meal.
10. Learn a new recipe.
11. Cut 3 inches of my hair.
12. Loose 20 pounds.
13. Go to a museum.
14. Visit a bar in Austin I have never been too.
15. Take my son to feed ducks, (tween alert, this could be hard)
16. Visit a winery.
17. Get a Pedicure (simple things)
18. Buy a new matching, panty and bra set.
19. Donate at least 10 items to charity.
20. Read or watch "Pride and Prejudice".
21. Go on a picnic.
22. Kidnap J for the day and hit all the dive bars in Taylor, again!
23. Go to Vegas.
24. Kiss a Stranger, just kiss.
25. For one week, give my son a dollar for every cuss word I say.
26. Read a book.
27. At least attempt the Lemonade Diet.
28. Walk a mile a day for 14 days straight.
29. Write a letter and mail it.
30. Try a Gin and Tonic.
31. Go to a concert.
32. Look at a loft downtown, on the inside.
33. Paint a picture.
34. Take B to dinner.
35. Go to church.

For the past 3 years I have only done a couple of these, like the facial and reading the book. I am now single and have a new job, a fresh start if you will. These are things I should do for ME without thought, yet I didn't and I don't. 

Now I will, and I can't wait to blog about each and every one of them. Go ahead steal it, what a great way to motivate yourself to do for yourself. Deep is as Deep does. Oh shit, I crack myself up. I might have to write a book, and then I could call it "just a book". I will stop now, thanks for playing.

Side Note: Yes the fish and the duck are related. For those of you who don't know what that means, enter at your own risk.  You can get one here


I want to know...........

Why do you blog? 

and come on in lurkers, and leave a comment!


Suck it BCS.

I find it absolutely amazing that we are #3, give me a freaking break. Texas deserves to be #2 and the BCS rankings can kiss my ass.

In other news I really love all things Christmas. I love the weather, I love the smell of Christmas trees and I love writing Christmas lists.

RPM,  "aka" The South 40, sent me like 16 bags of Mothers circus animal cookies. I have been in a sugar coma ever since Saturday. Mike you rock. mini side note: Ken also has cookies for me I just havent sent him my address yet. mini side note 2: no I am not sharing my damn cookies with you bastards.

Got Swap! I have been building my pile and checking it twice, I cant wait to see all the posts on your swaps!

Side Note: Every time I say "swap" it makes me think of swapping spit! WTF is wrong with me.