Tin Truths 26

1. I am a tetris master, my high score is 1799 lines in 32 minutes
2. The worst thing about a gluten allergy, no Jim Beam.
3. I finally know how to BBQ steak
4. Being a bad kisser is definitely a deal breaker.
5. The new cat is gone, and I am happy about it.
6. I love doing laundry, I hate folding my clothes
7. I am in dire of need of hot, dirty sex.
8. I could live in the bathtub
9. I think I was a mermaid in a past life.
10. The lizards are back and the stalking is worse than ever.


Tiffany said...

Maybe if you had kept the devil cat, you wouldn't have lizards taking over. That'll teach you to get rid of demon animals.

Brittany said...

I second 7 for myself, and 8 and damn a gluten allergy? I missed you while you ere gone. Don't leave again. K thanks.

Anonymous said...

Tetris rules!

g-man said...

1. I havent played Tetris in such a long time.
2. Bummer I have two bottles at home.
3. On a BBQ?
4. Word.
5. One less mouth to feed.
6. I hate folding socks. Towels are the best.
7. Good luck with that!!
8. you and my wife both.
9. Do you have webbed toes?
10. I think they make a spray for that.

Welcome back JAG. Missed you too.

Doberman Gang said...

1 I suck at tetris
2 I am a simple man had to Google that.
3 Grill or BBQ?
4 Right up there with bad breath
5 Here Kitty Kitty
6 That is why I got married (i am in trouble now)
7 Here Kitty Kitty
8 I could live in our spa
9 This goes with bathtube thing huh
10 Snakes

just a girl... said...

I am so glad I am back, It always cracks me up to see what the other responses are going to be.

Anonymous said...

1. You should meet my mother
2. I will help you make up for the loss
3. You are a Texan, you should have learned this at birth.
4.I hear you
5. YAY
6.I will come over and fold as much as you like and bring something other than Beam for you to enjoy
7. Life without hot, dirty sex everyone once in awhile is lonely
8. I could live in a hot tub
9. I do too. perhaps we were part of the same coven? gaggle? warren? what is a group of mermaids called?
10. I'd take lizards over cockroaches any day.

- the cuz.
-p.s. glad you are back