A reminder.....

Yesterday as I was catching up on my blogs I came across "jormen's" post on "The Nemesing One". While I was gone it seems that he passed away. I am sure that most of you know this all ready but I felt like I needed to post this anyways.

When I first started blogging he was one of my first commenter's. The daily banter between him and I always put a smile on my face. Sometimes perverted, jaded, insightful, yet always entertaining. As I was reading the post, tears were streaming down my face. How could this be that he had passed. I spent the next hour googling "The Nemesing One" in a attempt to get any kind of answers. In doing so I came across "Siren's" post and if I thought I was upset before this put me into full blown sobs.

My mom was also a faithful reader of his. She would call me sometimes to talk about his posts, long before I ever had time to read them. 

Our readers are "our friends". I couldn't believe the kind of emotion I had over someone I had never met. But I did know him, and he knew me. We all share things on our blogs that are intimate. We laugh, We cry, We give our thoughts and We do all of this together. You are all my friends and you are all a part of my life, even if in a small way.

I am a believer in the little things in life. Below is his last post that he had written should anything happen to him. 

Due to various health problems, he believed his time might well be short. As it was, a car accident and drunk driver accounted for this fine soul of outrage passing over.

He'd prepared a final post to say his last piece and give a few more funny thoughts to his readers:

"I enjoyed my time blogging and getting to know some of you. If any of you are sad, please don't be. I only wanted to make you laugh, and I'd hate to see a negative net benefit to you. So buck up little campers. It's all good.

Please be aware that all you hotties that I've sexually harassed on my blog, I'm watching you shower and me likes!!!! My 2" killer is even smaller now, so that's kind of a bummer."

Side Note: Nemesing One.......You will be missed!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I'm so sorry you just found this out. I actually found him through you, so thank you for that. I just kept hoping we'd at least find out his name so we could express our sympathies to his family.

g-man said...

What a bummer. I never read him but I know you can become friends with someone you never actually met in person. I am sorry for you loss.

weesle909 said...

That was a sweet tribute. You're a good person for writing it.