Tin Truths 35

1. Days of a runny nose means snot in your mouth..and ya not fun.
2. I am determined to be productive today.
3. My son is being teenager and I am praying he doesn't age me too much.
4. The first drink of Red Bull smells like throw up.....still.
5. I hit over 2K lines on Tetris, yes I am a master.
6. People who MISS judge me really piss me off.
7. Its even worse when those people are your friends.
8. The toy I did my review on awhile back got lost in the move.
9. I don't even want to think about what the movers are doing with it.
10. Only I control my destiny and dammit its going to be a good one.

Side Note: I think I am happy bunny, just saying.


Ms. Salti said...

I guess I missed your New Years post.... glad to see you back around! Hope you feel better!

sammy said...

haha good call on the redbull. i knew it had an odd smell, but couldnt pinpoint it till now.

i challenge you to a tetris duel!

as a side note, my wife and i are working on a tshirt clothing line and one of the shirts she came up was based on the idea of being misjudged.

Luna said...

i love happy bunny too.

Funnyrunner said...

oh,my. My teenager sure is aging me. He goes from sweet boy to maniacal devil in 3 seconds. I don't know who I'm gonna get...

and hey - we're moving at the end of January!

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