My Night at the Playboy Mansion!

I got a call on Thursday afternoon from the playboy mansion. The gentleman on the phone said he wanted me to come hang out for the weekend to see if I would a good fit as one of Hef's new girlfriends. I ran home packed clothes I didn't even know I had and headed off. When I got there I was given everything I ever wanted. My toes were done, my hair was colored/cut/straightned, and a makeup artist did my face. I met the other bitches, I mean girls and decided I had no competition. I couldn't believe how skinny I  looked in that Red DIOR. We all jumped in a limo and went out for the night. We had dinner and danced till morning. Hef was a perfect gentleman although his brother was a little creepy. The next morning I was told I was a keeper, I had the opportunity to live in the mansion for at least 6 months. HELL TO THE YA. But then where would my son go? UHHH no the other girls aren't watching him. I mean I am sure he would just love that, but no. It is now Friday Afternoon and I have 2 hours to find sexy dresses, figure out where my son is going and get back to the mansion.....

all of a sudden I here a phone ringing. Seriously isn't there staff for this, can someone pick up the damn phone. And who keeps breathing in my face????

ant, ant, ant, ant.........yeah you guessed it. It was my damn phone and a certain little stalker kitty who had decided to wake me up by suffocating me. 

Let me just tell you, it was fun for a night but I wouldn't want to live there!!

Side Note: I did ask if I had to have sex with Hef and I was told no, I just have to call him Daddy! WEIRD!


Left of Lost said...

I think that lifestyle would be fanfuckintastic for awhile, but I don't think I could bring myself to have sex w/ Hef. Ick.

Donn said...

Hefner died in 79 and this is a cyborg built by the Disney Corp..actually there are 7 of them because the girls are pretty rough.

Heff has his head and his dick frozen in cylinder next to Walt..just in case this cryogenic thing works out.

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