Major Monday.

Major changes my friends. Major changes. 

This weekend I spent time with family and had a great time. Last year I wasn't much of a pool rat but this year its all I want to do. I am going to have to find a new pool that I love. My pool just sucks. 

I am excited for today for many reasons. Its time for me to pull my head out of my ass and get with the program. Not only from a business standpoint but from a personal standpoint as well. I am going to take an internal jag roll call and start wiping people and things off my list. I am going to put my plan on here so I hold myself accountable. 

Weight- As of today I weigh 164 pounds. The frustrating thing about me is that for whatever reason I "wear" my weight well. No one ever believes me. But yes I am a fat fuck and I have put it out there for all to see. I have planned my meals out for the entire week and am committed to working out 6 out of 7 days a week. Today I will be walking 4 miles, and doing 100 crunches. Oh and for the record my last supper was Chicken Fried Steak, Fried Okra, Buttered Sweet Carrots and Sweet Tea. Ya I am in TEXAS! today its fiber cereal and grilled chicken, yum.

Business- I have gone back to square one and am taking inventory of all my accounts. Its time to wake up and go back to making things happen.

Personal- I am up on two dating sites and in a few weeks I will make the jump to go on my first date. I dont want a relationship but I do want to meet new people. I am also going to be making a pact with myself to stop reaching out to people who don't reach back or give nothing back in return. Too many people in my life just take me for granted and I am over it. I am here and they should be lucky to have me in there lives if they cant see it, it WILL be there loss.

Family- I am going to make more time with my family. Even if it just means spending a few hours at the pool or having lunch. In two weeks a bunch of us are going to see "Music Man" and I can't wait. It feels amazing to be around people who love you, who understand you and who make an effort to be in your life. 

Other then that pretty much status quo. I have been irritated for a couple of days and I think its just because a lot has gone on in my life over the past few weeks. I have been giving myself unrealistic expectations for not only myself but for people around me. I have to start living for me and fuck everyone else. I have to step forward and stop taking so many steps back. Anywho I will keep you all updated on my amazing progress, because yes it will be amazing.

In closing- I would like for you give me some advice. Tell me one thing that you do for YOU, or one thing that you have in  your life that is no one else's. 


Brian in Mpls said...

Everyday after work - before happy before anything else I go on a walk with my dog...even if there is 10 feet of snow on the ground. I do it just for me to unwind after work, get some exersize and just make sure there is this work life seperation. Plus it just feels good.

The other thing I do just for me is take a break at lunch at work and read.

Idaho said...

Way to go girl! You have made some decision and I will stick by your side as you walk them out - LITERALLY!!!


Idaho said...
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kristi said...

I like to read a really sexy book in the tub.......sometimes my hubs reaps the rewards of said book!

Aunt Juicebox said...

I take bagpipe lessons. And then I annoy the shit out of other people with the practice. Those are both for me. =)

Mich said...

for me its the time alone doing whatever i want.

alot of time its spent reading or watching jeopardy or something lame like that but its ME time and thats all that counts.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I take a Latin Jam class 2-3 times a week. Some of my friends make fun, and other have joined me. But I go regardless.

Carolina Girl said...

HEAR HEAR, you GO girl!!! I'm right there with you!!! :)

sammy said...

i can sympathize with you on several levels:

im also from texas...well i guess thats sympathizing but you know what i mean

ive been dealing with some 'drama' that has left me quite irritated and as a result havent blogged in some time.

i have a wife and 3 kids but I KNOW exactly what you mean by living your life for you! its not that you're shirking your responsibilities by any means. its just the opposite. by taking care of your 'entire being' you actually become better equipped for your responsibilities.

i simply make it a point to have 'me' time. depending on the scenario it can look differently. for example, every year my college buddies and i meet in vegas and just hang for 3-4 days. sometimes i just need to go for a drive and smoke a cigar while im out. sometimes its just hanging with friends at a bar/club. sometimes its the wife and i minus the kids. the thing i adhere to is having 'me' time in the sense that i choose who im with and where i am...with my wife's help of course ; )

i love how you said you were wiping people and things off your list! i keep very few extremely close to me. theres a difference in being 'lonely' and 'alone'.

Magic City College Girl said...

congrats on making those changes. i need to make some changes too, especially when it comes to weight. i'm a big girl also. depending on my mood that would determine what i feel like doing that day. many times i like to just be home with my boyfriend and enjoy a soda while watching tv. thats how i like to relax. as for me i am happy to have my boyfriend. he is such a great guy and does so much for me that no one else has. i love how we have so much in common and that he is a big kid like me. thats a good thing b/c we have so much fun and are responsible adults but we dont take things so damn seriously that we forget to live life.

Ken said...

You have always been AMAZING!

But lets see one thing for just me........ I guess it is just keeping in touch with my family, it makes me feel whole no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Give it Hell gurl! I hope you kick ass at all these objectives!

Wil Harrison.com

Anonymous said...

Good for you! I decided years ago that just because some people are family, doesn't mean you have to put up with a lot of crap from them. It's worked well for me.

Donn said...

The frustrating thing about Life is that bad things happen to good people, and yet, for the most part, the Karmic Boomerang usually comes right back-at-cha, so you need to be positive so that the Universe can reward you (some Secret eh Oprah?)....

((gasp)) run-on-sentence :(

Plus, you need to love yourself so that you have sumthin' to give :)
The trouble with our veneer thin vapid culture is that modern humans cannot tell the difference between loving yourself and worshipping yourself as all-that-an-a-bag-'o-chips bullsh*t!

"You" can make it happen JAG. It doesn't matter if everyone gets you as long as you do..
and for the record I've always been amazed at your honesty and courage..
luv it :)

PC: Sorry I've been away I'm "doing" Summer because up here it only lasts for 2 frickin months!!!

G said...

Life, for me, is somewhat reflected in your blog. It is about moving forward and not letting assholes live rent free in your head. I like your attitude.

Scope said...

As a bachelor, most everything I do is "just for me".

But I am really trying to stretch that, and actually, blogging is helping.

Jools said...

I've always found it empowering and rewarding to break things down and reprioritize like this -- good for you!

And my "just for me" thing is making sure I build a little time in my schedule in which I'm accountable to no one but myself. I might read dumb magazines, take a walk, spend an hour at SuperTarget, whatever. Just time where no one gets my attention but me.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you for all of these things....you can do it!

Advice: Baby steps. Try not to be too hard on yourself.

Things for JUST ME: I write. I read. I take time each week to do these things, w/ 7400 other things on my to-do list. I watch a movie that gets me thinking on different levels. I laugh. I find something that cracks me up. And as far as the whole dieting thing: I cut myself a break about once a week, and having something totally yummy w/ NO GUILT, no matter if it's healthy or unhealthy. :)

Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I lay out in the sun with head phones on, music up, my eyes closed and my skin absorbing that Vitamin D. Sometimes I bring a book and sometimes I just fall asleep in the happy happy sun.

-da cuz