Tin Truths 31

1. Last night I had sex with a vampire. (dreams count!!!)
2. Forbidden jungle might be my new favorite drink.
3. I can read over 800 wpm, yes I am awesome!
4. I decided to let god back in my life, not as deep as it sounds.
5. I still need SEX!
6. Forgive me lord, for I am going to sin!
7. I think one spoon of ice cream is enough!
8. I wish I could live on cereal and not get fat.
9. I saw the face of a 1 night stand from 7 yrs ago last night, uhh!
10. I wish I had 50 of the "The Shack" books, I want to give one to everybody.


B.E. Earl said...

What is the Forbidden Jungle cocktail you speak of?

Tiffany said...

Sex with a vampire named Edward Cullen? Hmm that sounds like heaven!

OK so you are no longer dead to me.

Donn said...

Vampyre sex sucks!
Which god did you let in?
Small "g" god seems doable, I suppose, if you must, but I can assure you that the big "G" GOD is a helluva lot of work...
mainly convincing the other true believers that you are a good GODling.

Most people need sex..except for Asexuals..what is up with that?
Do amoeba-volk reproduce by dividing in half? How does that work?

Asexuals completely abstain from sex with other multicellular beings but they must be badgering their witness in the privacy of their own home right? I should have Wiki'd that first.

Nobody in history has ever maintained their vow of chastity/celibacy have they?

Funnyrunner said...

hmmm. My husband needs sex, too... I have an idea... just kidding!

just a girl... said...

B.E.- Malibu-Pinapple juice-Peach Snapps and a spalsh of lme juice so freaking good.

Tiffany- It may or may not have been Edward. Okay it was Edward.

Donn- I always love your comments! and yes I agree and its "god"! lol

Funnyrunner-dont tempt me I am getting desperate here!

Anonymous said...

Damn that's a lot of truths!

Wil Harrison.com

Big Pissy said...

800wpm?!?!? Impressive! :)

Green-Eyed Momster said...

You ROCK!!
And, you make me laugh. Thank you for the smiles and giggles!!


Magic City College Girl said...

i agree with #5 but dont agree with #7. a bowl is enough but a spoonful is just a taste to start off with. and you're right, dreams do count.

James Oh said...

Your sin will be forgiven. Repent and walk back to the righteous path.

Karyn said...

Oh my!

just a girl... said...

I think I am going to have to put up all my comments to the left. Some of you guys crack me the hell up. And I don't know why but Karyn you just gave me the giggles.