Tin Truths 33

1. My kitty's got worms and it was nasty!
2. Football practice starts in a few days, I can't wait!
3. Grass isn't greener some have to learn the hard way!
4. LOVE being BS'd NOT!
5. Match is way better then Yahoo personals.
6. Sex is within days, I can feel it.
7. I want a garden tomato, I want it.
8. I have to remember that I can't drink sake w/sushi.
9. Monday is going to be interesting.
10. I dont have a 10, I cant believe it.


RPM said...

What are you talking about? YOU are a 10!

Anonymous said...

Aaah, poor kitty.

Aunt Juicebox said...

Those worms are pretty nasty. But luckily the vet has meds for that. I think most kittens have them.

Anonymous said...

"My kitty's got worms and it was nasty!" - Oh hecks no! I don't want to hear this, LOL.

Wil Harrison.com

Green-Eyed Momster said...

Hope the sex is worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

re 6. if you can FEEL it, why worry about sex??

Anonymous said...

I've got a ton of garden tomatoes. Want me to bring you a few when I finally make it down to Austin? :)

Big Pissy said...

Worms?!?!? ACK!!!!!

Hope the sex worked out for you. ;-)

Donn Earthling said...

You are making yourself available to be rewarded by the Universe..
isn't that the Secret?

Listen, your last post asked what I did for me..well this is it. I like extending my sphere into the lives that i would have never-ever-ever-ever known about.

Think about it. We have connected a few times and it means something. Without this forum I would have lived myu entire Life without an inkling that you were on the same planet. That is way f*cking cool.

Namaste :)

Heff said...

Get rid of the cat. Can't go wrong there.