My Swapfest Package

My Swapfest partner was News Readin' Wife over at Breaking News. A few days before Christmas I opened my front door and there sat a box. At first I just looked at it wondering wtf is this and why am I getting a box. When I picked up the box I saw it was addressed to Just a Girl and I got super excited. I felt like a little kid ripping open the tape on top of the box. My first glimmer of the contents inside was pink and silver and zebra, oh my! 

I couldn't believe how much thought she had put into my swap! I opened the card first and its was the little touches she put on everything that made me smile. In my card she mentioned my son, I was touched to say the least. 

Inside the box was a pink martini shaker, with pomegranate martini mix. It was super cute, next I opened a box that was wrapped with the cutest zebra wrapping paper and a pink bow. Inside was a set of 3 lip glosses by, Benefit. Next was a silver basket and inside the basket was a beautiful pink candle, a hello kitty notebook and hello kitty pens. The picture doesn't do the candle justice its absolutely perfect.

Thank you so much "News Readin' Wife" I loved all of it. I hope you love yours as well. 


Collectionsite said...

Happy New Year.

Love your Blog ;)

News Readin' Wife said...

I'm so glad you like everything!
It was so much fun picking it all out.
Looking forward to the arrival of mine...:)

Jules said...

You got some great and girly things! How fun!