Tin Truths 17

1. I finished my dream office and its looks amazing
2. I am the only person I know who can gain weight dieting, WTF.
3. I am going to start doing reviews for a sex toy site, go figure.
4. My favorite dish on Thanksgiving is my mom's stuffing
5. In 24 hours my Christmas lights will be up.
6. I once had a turtle named Toby
7. That bastard wouldn't play with me so I gave him away.
8. I once had a duck named UD, Ugly Duckling
9. He got too big and  my grandma made me give him away.
10. I freaking love pumpkin pie.

Side Note: Yes, the picture is of my finished dream office. The pic doesn't do it justice. 


::kacy:: said...

i have gone back and looked through your blog. thank god for you! seriously. you are so real and i love it. plus, you cuss like a sailor and so do i. your blog is one of the most entertaining i've read in a longggg time. i love it, girl. keep it up!

pj said...

I looked at the pic and thought holy shazam her office is on FIRE. Then I realized it is those white lights. Great computer though. I don't think a white office and I would get along, I spill a lot, A LOT.

melissa said...

you rock!! hard! and for the record...i gain weight on diets too!!

Orion said...

sex toy reviews...

and why exactly do you feel you are qualified to be in this position?

Jormengrund said...

Gotta love the sterile white office.

Do you have fetish dreams about going to the doctor still?

If so, I'm sure there's a young guy at the emergency room that might be willing to help you with that.

Oh, wait..

He's married.

Tiffany said...

Oooh I can't wait to hear your "toy" reviews. I wanna know what the best they have is. LOL

That last sentence sound so fucking slang and makes me sound backwoods or something. LOL

Ken said...

Oh boy its thursday!
1.I see a lot of PINK!
2.Try pigging out
3.Can I come work with you?
4.Mine too ( or any stuffing really)
5.Mine went up thanksgiving day see my blog
6. I had one named road kill (found him on the road)
7. Mine walked away (he was about 8 inches a big guy)
8.I had one called dinner
9. A fox had him for dinner
10.Me too, got one in the fridge right now

NucMEd is Hot said...

Sweet office.

Where do I get that dream job?

g-man said...

Sweet iMac. :) Nice office. Is this where you will be doing your reviews? Don't forget the pictures;)

I love stuffing too, it makes the meal. If you are gaining weight, stop dieting. (note to self- Dont get JAG a pet)

Anonymous said...

Love your office! I totally want some of those white lights! Except, I don't do well with white. I'm a slob. Think Pigpen on Charlie Brown.
Sex toys, huh? So, uh, will you being doing your 'work' in your office?

just a girl... said...

kacy- Glad to have you aboard, I have read yours as well and you crack me up. oh and love the tattoo

pj- I really love it and for now, no one is allowed in it well at least the dirty boy isn't aka my son.

melissa- why does that sound so bad, i rock hard. I like it.

orion- practice makes perfect, enough said.

jormen- its not that white, and yes I soooooo have a doctor fetish.

tiffany- yes I am pretty excited, i never expected my blog to make me money. I dont like busy and it will have to be a great ad before I ever put one up. But this will be lots of fun and yeah I am pretty excited as well, no pun intended.

ken- 6, 7, 8 and 9 are just wrong, lol.

karen- yes its my dream office for sure I wish the pic showed the chandelier I put up too freaking cute. Oh and the dream job not sure if I have a dream job but I do get to work from home. the sex toys is simply a hobby. oh how i crack myself up.

g-man you know me so well already. i guess the next question needs to be why are you called g-man?

danielle- i dont want to violate my new office, so no.

melissa said...

love the new office. its those white lights..nice.

Jannie said...

That bastard turtle!!!

Big Pissy said...

you're new office is absolutely adorable! Love it! :)