35 before 35

So I saw this over at My thirty before 30 journey and decided I was going to steal it. These are 35 things I want do before I am 35. My birthday is in May so I have about 5 months to complete as many of these as possible. I will call it my road to half way to 70, and I will blog about it as I go.

1. Get Eyeglasses, so very sad.
2. Meet one reader from my blog.
3. Have sex, just normal everyday sex.
4. Go to Sunday Brunch at the four seasons.
5. Get a facial.
6. Drive somewhere far. (this is huge trust me!)
7. Spend a day with just my mom.
8. Volunteer at the library.
9. Give a homeless person a meal.
10. Learn a new recipe.
11. Cut 3 inches of my hair.
12. Loose 20 pounds.
13. Go to a museum.
14. Visit a bar in Austin I have never been too.
15. Take my son to feed ducks, (tween alert, this could be hard)
16. Visit a winery.
17. Get a Pedicure (simple things)
18. Buy a new matching, panty and bra set.
19. Donate at least 10 items to charity.
20. Read or watch "Pride and Prejudice".
21. Go on a picnic.
22. Kidnap J for the day and hit all the dive bars in Taylor, again!
23. Go to Vegas.
24. Kiss a Stranger, just kiss.
25. For one week, give my son a dollar for every cuss word I say.
26. Read a book.
27. At least attempt the Lemonade Diet.
28. Walk a mile a day for 14 days straight.
29. Write a letter and mail it.
30. Try a Gin and Tonic.
31. Go to a concert.
32. Look at a loft downtown, on the inside.
33. Paint a picture.
34. Take B to dinner.
35. Go to church.

For the past 3 years I have only done a couple of these, like the facial and reading the book. I am now single and have a new job, a fresh start if you will. These are things I should do for ME without thought, yet I didn't and I don't. 

Now I will, and I can't wait to blog about each and every one of them. Go ahead steal it, what a great way to motivate yourself to do for yourself. Deep is as Deep does. Oh shit, I crack myself up. I might have to write a book, and then I could call it "just a book". I will stop now, thanks for playing.

Side Note: Yes the fish and the duck are related. For those of you who don't know what that means, enter at your own risk.  You can get one here


Brian in Mpls said...

I would be happy to help you knock off #2, 3, 5,18 and 24. Let me know...lol

Jaime said...

Go for the movie on #20. It's shorter and the characters are better looking.

Oh - and tag, you're it. I'm sure you know the rules. But if you need a refresher, pop over to my blog.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Thats some list, you better start hammering away soon.

Jormengrund said...

I'd do this, but I'm 36, and can't quite get away with trying to get these all done before I'm 35, as I'm already past that mark.

Plus, if I were to make something up for things I'd like to do before I'm 70, then I'd have to see about dreaming up what kind of crazy stuff we'll have going on, so that I can actually attempt some of them!

It'd be something along the lines of:

1. Get a new walker with the rearview mirror attachments.

2. Design a new type of cane that lets me see under dresses, but has nightvision as well!

And you get the point..

Jiff said...

You just said "shit"...so give your son a dollar. lol.
I'd be poor if I had to do that. lol

Heather said...

Too late for me, I just turned 35. lol You could probably knock out a few of these together. Like, spending the day with your mother while at a museum, then have a pedi together. Have a gin and tonic AT a bar you've never been to, etc. Sounds like a lot of fun. Can't wait to read about it.

just a girl... said...

Brian- I bet you would, too freaking funny.

Jaime- You are killing me, I have two Jaime's now this should be fun.

Queen- Thanks to Heathers comment this might be doable.

Jormen- LOL with the cane comment.

Jiff- That is why I have to choose that week wisely, Maybe I will make it his birthday week.

Heather- WTF, great idea! There is hope!

Anonymous said...

Dear Sweet Child....I love you!
But... You have a Jaime and a Jamie?
BTW did u ever get the info to JAMIE!


just a girl... said...

I had an airhead moment, mom u crack me up and I love you. Yes she got the info

melissa said...

love it. keep us posted.
Tag..you're it. I've linked you on my blog, so come visit and follow the directions...can't wait to see your 7 random things post.

Ken said...

Oh I have to play this one, Even though its so DAMN long.
1.Been there done that
2.Me too
3.You mean with some one else?
4.I think I have done that but not on Sunday
5.I will pass on yhat one
6.Been there done that
7.I do that as often as I can
8.I'm doing mine at homeless shelter in fact I was there yesterday and will be there tomorrow
9.I do that a lot
10.Go to www.stonecreekkitchen.com
11.And send it to me
12.I'm doing only 10
13.Been to lots of them
14.I've never been to one that I can remember
16.I know a good one in New Zealand
18.Pink of course
19.Done that
20.Watch, you dont have time to read...lol
21.With me? OKAY
22.Have fun
23.Been there but its been a while
24.I'm strange
25.You would go broke and he would buy a new car lol
26.I like the cat in the hat
27.No thanks
28.Thats a good one you would really like it
29.Like to a real person or would Santa do?
31.RUSH, The are the best live band ever!!
32.Just look?
33.Nope I know my limits
34.Do it!
35.And pray the walls don't fall in.

Big Pissy said...

What a great idea!

Can't wait to hear all about your escapades! :)

::kacy:: said...

so i love you already.
number 3 :)
:P can't wait to read more, myself!

Danielle-lee said...

Oooo, I'm so gonna steal this! I was seriously thinking of commenting about each one of your 35, but omg, I would be here forever, huh?
And I think you could totally write a book!

Heather said...

I kind of hope you skip the lemonade diet. I've read some gross things about it. I personally won't hold you to that one.

Denney Crane said...

3. Have sex, just normal everyday sex.

There is no such thing...