The Mix Tape

So I totally stole this from Facebook and I love it.

Write down 20 songs you can't imagine going very long without listening to. Don't take more than 10 minutes to do this.

1. My Kinda Lover- Billy Squire
2. Giving It for your love- Delbert McClinton
3. Reach Out-Breedlove
4. Wedding Day-Rosie Thomas
5. Realize Colbie Calbert
6. Dont do me like that- Tom Petty
7. Coming Around Again- Carly Simon
8. Everything things going to be alright-Bob Marley
9. Slacker- Tech Nine
10 No one -Alicia Keys
11. Jack and Diane-John Cougar
12. Footloose-Footloose
13. i'm yours - Jason Miraz
14. Only you - Yaz
15. It's tricky - Run Dmc
16. Amaratine enya
17. Wild world- Cat Stevens
18. Babys gotten good at goodbyes- George Straight
19. Margaritaville-Jimmy Buffet
20. Moon Gone Down-The Gourds

Side Note: My mix sooooooo beats your mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Steph C said...

You win. Your mix totally beats mine. ;o)

Jules said...

It's Tricky......I have many fond memories and rapping that song in my bedroom....

Tiffany said...

I HATE Jack and Diane. When he says "suckin on a chilidog" I get really pissed. I don't know why. LOL

Ken said...

I will do this tonight when I get home from work.

kel said...

Great list! I'm gonna do this on my blog this week!!