Tin Truths Twenty Two

1. I finally got to play with my darts on Tuesday and I love them.
2. The quotes on the starbuck's cups are gay!
3. Every time I get a pain in my chest I think I am going to have a heart attack.
4. This will be my first Valentines day as a single girl in 4 years, and I love it.
5. I really love Afroman's song Colt 45.
6. I don't like oregano, garlic or cilantro.
7. I never get tired of hearing the church bells that ring every hour.
8. I had a horrible dream last night that Blackie came back from the grave.
9. I hope I never have that dream again it was creepy
10. Some days I wish I was a turtle, today isn't one of them.


Brittany said...

Sweet. I love me some Afroman too. I haven't read the quotes on Starbucks in awhile. I need to. I don't know why.

Cameron said...

If you were a turtle, what flavor would you be?

just a girl... said...

Brittany- Dont bother on the quotes

Cameron- scary. I hate the candy.

Petunia said...

Blackie just came to visit. Most of the furries I have lost come back to visit. No, I'm not a kook! Ask around. Others will tell you their pets have come to visit as well. It's a good thing. I agree with the Starbucks quotes...and the church bells. I just found your blog through Diaries of the Prof and am really enjoying your blog. I linked several friends to your... umm...rabbit review! Priceless! One more thing...singlehood is very cool.

Ken said...

Well get get one of us to play but I'm late, been one of those days!
1.I knew you would
2.Yep, I quit reading them all together
3.You better not I will kick your ASS!
4.I have never been a single girl, so I'm good with that
5.That brings back memorries
6.I do
7.I miss them, I use to hear them all the time
9. No freaky
10. Some days I wish I had nothing to look forward to so I wouldn't get let down...... Like I said its been one of those days.

Heather said...

I love hearing the trains near my house.