What I want to know......

Today I am going to change things up a little. Tin Truths will be back next Thursday. Today I need answers and I want to know some of your truths. So go ahead and play or just keep lurking, lol.

1. How does the dryer catch fire from drying?

2. Do you prefer short blogs or long blog posts?

3. What is one thing you wish you could have in your life right now? can't be money or love.

4. Do you like to hear bird chirping?

5. What is the one product that you can't live without?

6. What is the most embarrassing song on your ipod?

7. What is your worst/best quality?

8. What is the weirdest food you like to eat?

9. If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

10. Do you believe Obama will make a change?

Side Note: The dryer is $300. It's vintage and if you want to buy it click here.


just a girl... said...

1. No clue, which is why I asked you.
2. Short on my blog, long on others.
3. New carpet for my whole house
4. Only in the morning.
5. Hands Down, Lipgloss
6. Beat It
7. Loyal/Impatient
8. Mashed potatoes w/lemon juice
9. Italy
10. I really hope so

Linda said...

1. Overheats.
2. A combo
3. time
4. usually
5. cetaphil
6. not embarassed by any songs on my ipod
7. impatient/loyal
8. ?
9. Hawaii
10. not sure yet

I like this. it was fun.

Jormengrund said...

1. Lint trap can get heated up, and burn, element can actually spark and cause problems, dryer sheets have been known to get caught in the gasket between the drum as well, and cause it to burn.

2. I don't care about the length of the post, as long as it is interesting, I'll read it. If it's just blah, blah, blah, I'll tend to skim, and move on.

3. One thing? An XBox 360. My friend and I have really gotten into some interesting games, and I'd love to be able to play against him without him being able to see my moves on the same screen!

4. Sometimes. When I'm trying to concentrate, NO. The rest of the time, it's not so bad.

5. My TV.

6. "I Touch Myself" by the DiVynals.

7. Worst: Procrastinator. Best: Very Meticulous.

8. HRM. I don't mind escargot.

9. I'd love to go back to Vienna or Prague.

10. Obama make change? This year? Only if he has to pay cash where he's eating. Then he'll make change.. Otherwise, I highly doubt it. This problem has gone on too long without attention, it's going to be a job for more than just one man and his congress and cabinet to control.

Hope you like those answers!

Ken said...

1.Lint gets on the heating coil
2.Depends on who is writing it and if they can write. (not all bloggers are JAG)
3.No pain
6.None I like them all and have never cared what others think anyway.
7.I'm an ass hole (ask Doberman)
9.The UK

I wouldn't pay $300 for a used dryer! no matter what color it was

Jaime said...

1. no idea, but it sounds like everyone else does.

2. it doesn't matter, but a writing teacher once told me the length of any writing should be "miniskirt" - long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to still keep things interesting

3. more sleep! or someone to get my son to finally sleep through the night. either would be a welcome change

4. most days, no. it starts far too early (refer back to #3)

5. do we consider ice cream a product?

6. k7 - come baby come

7. worst: my temper

8. i don't eat a lot that would be considered weird. squid maybe?

9. hawaii

10. yes. but for the better or worse, we'll have to wait and see

Jen said...

1. Lint catches fire
2. long
3. SEX
4. depends... but it sure beats my neightbors dogs barking
5. toothpaste
6. i don't have an ipod... now THAT's embarrassing
7. worst - I'm ALWAYS right
best - I'm ALWAYS right
8. PBJ with Chocolate milk (I don't think it's weird but my friends do)
9. KEY WEST (well, not right now since they're having a major cold snap)
10. I sure hope so!!!

C said...

Hey I just came by via Fairy Flutters...I like your blog! Here are my answers!
1.IDK, but one time we were drying towels from my DH's restaurant and they were still greasy. I guess the heat and the grease caused the fire, but thankfully all we lost were a few towels and the dryer!

2. I prefer ones with the most information about the blogger. So if they are long and are crap I don't like them. If they are short and have lots of goodies GREAT!

3. A Maid

4. Yes unless it is what wakes me in the morning.

5. Vicks Nose Spray, seriously I am an addict.

6. Freak Nasty "Da Dip"

7. worst-overweight
best- a firecracker in bed(just sayin')

8. I like all foods and this is stumping me.

9. To a spa in the Bahama's

10. NOPE

I am going to steal this idea! Do you ask your readers questions often?

Misplaced Country Girl said...

1. Thank you! I was just wondering the same thing last night as I was taking clothes out of the dryer.
2. Depends on what it is about.
3. Wine
4. As long as it's not first thing in the morning.
5. Wine
6. I'm embarrased that I don't have an ipod.
7. worst - teeth best - hair
8. Soy burgers
9. In a big fluffy bed eating french toast.
10. I do believe he will make a change. It gives me warm fuzzies thinking about it.

melissa said...

1) hmm...mr wizard never did cover that topic.
2) from you, either. they're always fun to read.
3) the new pink gucci for spring that just came out...i neeeeeed her.
4)actually no. once i notice i can hear it, it annoys me.
5) my nexxus conditioner
6)ohh..um "hanging tough" nkotb.
7)worst is being too laid back and best is being too laid back. its a double edged sword that ppl love me for and other times get pised at me for.
8)mashed potatoes and 1000 island dressing :)
10) absolutely.
side note - the dryer is adorably pink and reminds me of the one i had in my barbie dream house. very cute.

Muse said...

1. Same reason my dishwasher caught fire washing
2. as long as it's interesting..
3. Johnny depp
4. No, me and birds don't get along
5. mineral foundation
6. Whatsamatta you
7. My sense of humor (that goes both ways)
8. nothing weird - maybe just the vast amount of hot sauce i drown in my scrambled eggs and black pepper until it looks like a nuclear mushroom cloud
9. in a land that is far far FAR away from my cubicle
10. No. I think he's a politician and represents an achievement, but look at the history of past presidents. Plus any decisions made always have to be approved and signed off on and that never happens

Anonymous said...

1. Built up lint is what I've heard...or maybe Hubby is trying to get me to clean....hmmmm....
2. Both, depends on the topic.
3. A trip to someplace warm and tropical that is all expense paid and glamorous.
4. Don't care if it is outside. I think birds inside in cages is just wrong.
5. Just one? I'm a product whore....Bed Head hard head
6. You Should be Dancing - Bee Gees
7. Too opinionated - that's both, right?
8. Spicy mustard and tortilla chips
9. Italy
10. Yes.

Homo Escapeons said...

1 open up the back and vacuum up the lint..seriously..the house across the lane had a dryer fire last summer
2 Funny posts should be short
& Serious posts Long
3 Tommy Lee's HUGE drum kit
4 yes, but not IN the house
5 Jamaican Rum
6 I only have one song on my ipod!
7 worst; impatient listener/
best; good explanationist
8 Liver..and Fava Beans
9 Cozumel, Mexico
10 Hell yeah..as long as the Republican Right Wing Whackjobs sh*tdisturbers like Rush are shot into outer space..they stir up the great unwarshed and they's dangerous 'cause all of them fellers is umedumacated but heavily armed..that there is a bad combonation!

RPM said...

1. As the others have said, built up lint on the heating coils.

2. Depends on the blog.

3. More vacation time. I just got offered free tickets to Bristol Motor Speedway!

4. Yes.

5. Dr. Pepper

6. I don't have an iPod.

7. I'm stubborn / I'm honest

8. Vienna Sausages with Miracle Whip. YUM!!!!

9. Belize

10. I really hope so, but time will tell.

Nooter said...

1. um, im not very good with joke punchlines, so, i give up. how does it catch fire?
2. short- i tend to lose interest quickly because ...
3. wish i could have two more wishes, one for money the other for love.
4. no, i like to hear a bird roasting. or deep frying.
5. absolutely cannot live without Nooter's Super Delicious Good Time Snak Poppers, yum!
6. i have an ipod?
7. my worst best quality is that im too nice to all humans cause they may be carrying snaks
8. lettuce
9. oh id go to the park and visit all my friends!
10. depends if you give him a large enough bill he may not have exact change

thanks for letting me play!! now i want to go to the park really really bad

mzchief said...

1. Lint is an excellent form of kindling.
2. Short blogs are best.
3. More time alive
4. Not for long
5. Soap
6. Bailamos by Enrigue Iglesias (I love the orchestral content of all of his music but not so much the lyrics.)
7. Being a perfectionist is both my best and worst personal trait
8. Lemon curd, straight up
9. Kirkuk, Iraq to meet the local people who were so kind, thoughtful, generous and courteous to my husband
10. Yes, but not a good change