10 truths 14

1. I am now reading "I hope they serve beer in hell".
2. I have two lead marks on my palms from childhood. 
3. I got them from sticking a pencil in my left hand. twice
4. My high score on brick breaker is 9640
5. I had a date with myself the other night, damn I am good
6. I can eat olives with anything, I freaking love em'
7. I actually wore a bra 3x this week, weird I know
8. I can't wait for christmas
9. My new "now" drink, is the Mexican Martini, DIRTY.
10. I hope when I die I don't come back as a plant.

Side Note: Yes I know this is a day late but thanks to technology, its really not late at all.


Ken said...

1.Why? you wont be going there?
2. They can be removed
3. Really, I'm glad you cleared that up for me......
4.What is brick bracker? Is it anything like ball buster?
5.That's what you keep saying. Danb I'm getting green eye'd over you by you.
6. I can eat them all by them self I love them also.
7.I haven't wore one this year... don't ask okay.
8.You are going to have to.
9.Ewww I like it DIRTY!!!
10.Man I will not put my first answer on here...lol So I hope you don't either... I guess

Side note WHAT?

Scott said...

1. Haven't had a book on tape in the car for more than a week, it is driving me crazy (no pun intended)
2. That rang a childhood bell for me, but I cant flush it out.
3. Ow!, and Duh!
4. Is that good?
5. I bet you are. (I had a quickie in the shower this morning and me too;) LOL
6. I can now tolerate them without gagging.
7. And yet you didn't post pictures :/
8. I can.
9. Sounds interesting. Dont get that confused with a "Dirty Sanchez"
10. Me either.

NucMEd is Hot said...

1. Where'd you find that
4. Don't know what that is
5. That's usually how it works
6. I only like the black ones. olives that is
7. I love my bras
8. I hate Christmas
9. My drink is beer. Always beer
10. I don't want to come back at all.

Heather said...

If it weren't for bacon, olives would be my favorite food. I love tapenade and I can eat a jar of olives all by myself in one sitting.

Jannie said...

I had a pencil lead in my left hand for years but didn't remember it until just now. Guess it got absorbed.

I wear a bra to bed. Now THAT'S weird!

Meme light today.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Black olives or green?

Heinous said...

I had those marks for a long time. They're gone now though.

Carmen said...

Does it make me a bad person that "I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell" is one of my favorite books? Perhaps that is why I am still single... deep down I am a rude and vulgar human being.

And I still have the lead in my hand from when Sara W*** stabbed me when we were in Brownies in grade 4. Not that I am holding a grudge or anything.

Seriously - sometimes I think we are the same person...

Vodka Mom said...

1. I need that damn book.
2. I have a scar on my upper lip barely visible when my pet parakeet bit me when I was four.
3. My eight inch incision after my hysterectomy came apart two summers ago and i had to be attached to a wound-vac for a month. gross.
4. I love me some damn olives.
5. I will drink vodka with anything.
6. I love the movie Hellboy.
that's all i got.

doberman gang said...

Ken sent me here and ask me to paly so here it goes
1.Look for me at the end of the bar
2.Defensive wounds
4.Must have been at work
5.it was the lead marks
6.I don’t know you well enough to comment on this just yet
7.I have a good visual thanks
8.I will probably not send a present
9.American Jack Daniels
10.Smoking and munchies ring a bell

Anonymous said...

1. I am reading a Boston travel guide

2. I have a big scar on my side

3. I got it when I had a tricycle wreck when I was 4

4. I have no idea what brick breaker is...but I sent about the same number of text messages this month

5. I have discovered that sometimes the best date is when I am by myself

6. I can eat avocados with anything.....

7. I must wear a bra daily

8. I am looking forward to Christmas..but it sure seems that we try to rush things

9. My favorite drink is a Sassy Sara (Tillmans Steak House Dallas)

10. I hope when I die I get to come back as me :)

Midlife Slices said...

1. Can I borrow it when you're done?
2. I have pencil lead in my foot from 40 years ago and it looks the same.
3. Did I mention that I have pencil lead in the bottom of my foot?
4. My high score in golf was 120.
5. I haven't had a real date in a while. Damn I'm old.
6. The only olives I love are the garlic stuffed green ones.
7. I can't find my bra half the time.
8. I wish to skip Christmas and move on to New Years Eve.
9. When I find out what's in a Mexican Martini, it might be my newest bestest drink too.
10. If you come back as MY plant, you're in deep doo doo. My thumb is brown.