Tin Truths 15

1. I got a new job.........and its awesome
2. The person that jumped me was a girl
3. Thanksgiving this year is going to be like ole' times. TX vs A&M
4. I sang Baby Got Bank and Ice Ice Baby at Karoke Hell this week.
5. I nixed the stained concrete and am now moving on to Carpetville
6. I learned new slang words for masturbation, look for WTF
7. I think I am turing into an olive and it sucks
8. Yes its that time, and my boobs have been in my hands all week
9. No not that time, just handle my boobs time.
10. Best thing about winter, getting a new pink sweatsuit, JUICY.

Side Note: I dare you to go to Google Images and type in Masturbation. That pic was almost the monkey. lol.


Jormengrund said...

Heh.. Karaoke hell.

I'll give you a couple, you'll have to check my blog for the others!

1. I'm planning on destroying one side of my house here in the near future.

2. I actually told my son to go to school and tell the teacher that his dog ate his homework last night. (true)

3. I used to DJ karaoke

4. Because of #3, I can't stand certain songs.

5. One of these is "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks. I don't mind when Garth is singing it, but anyone else really bothers me when they try.. Especially when they're drunk.

Ken said...

1.Can I have your old one?
2.Yhe Bitch!!
3.Go TEXAS!!
4.Just be glad I didn't
5.It will be warmer on your feet!
7.Damn I really have a good one for this but......
8.Need any help?
9.Oh Okay, But do you need any help?

Side note: 10,001 things huh?

doberman gang said...

1. I want a new job this sucks
2.girls jumping girls that different
3.Won't be much of a game more like a slaughter
5.carpet burns are back
6.Whats masturbation?
7.not if someone else like Olives too
8.lead or no lead
9.yep I knew that