I love #5

These cloths are the awesome. I got these as a sample from Sephora about a month ago. I guess you can say I drank the "blu-ray" koolaid. You wash your face with these and yes they make a huge difference and they are re-usable. You go over each part you are washing for 10 strokes. I love, love, love these

blu-ray polshing cloths, by Cargo ($15)

Side Note: Tomorrow I will be posting the final names for my Swapfest. So technically you still have 48 hours to join. Happy Saturday.


Ken said...

10 strokes???????? hummmmmmmmmmm

what would happen with a 100? lol

houstonmacbro said...

What are they supposed to do? Give you a stone polished look?

Jormengrund said...

I'm _so_ not going to comment on my thoughts, because I'd prefer to be taken a bit more seriously than..


Where exactly are you washing with these JAG?

Inquiring minds want to know...