#5 is not #1

I am in major mourning, over TEXAS. What a freaking roller coaster ride. I drank two mexican martinis, one red bull w/vodka and one jager bomb. All of that and I couldn't catch a buzz. I was too wound up, and it sucked. 

November is one of my favorite months. Its not too cold and not too hot, its just right. Why do I feel like I am quoting goldilocks, uhhhhhh cause I am. I like to call this chili, potato soup, down comforter throw weather. My X used to make fun of me every year when it got cold. The first day it got down to 70 I would want to light the fireplace and make a huge pot of chili. I am freaking weird. 

I boycotted giving out Candy on Halloween, and shoot I am going to hell. Swapfest Info will be updated no later than Wednesday. I am waiting on info back from just a few of you. 

Side Note: My Grandmother makes amazing potato soup, as soon as idamomb  gives me the recipe I will post it.

Side Note 2: This is a boring ass post.


NucMEd is Hot said...

Oh dear friend....I thought of you Saturday night. While I was watching the waining seconds of that game and I am glad to see you didn't seal up the house and turn on the gas.

No #5 is not #1 but it's also not #10.

Ken said...

No its not I loved it but hey I'm just a STALKER ya know.

g-man said...

Doesn't get any more "Texas" then Colt McCoy! Bummer for you though. Since I had no "steak" in the game I though tit was a really good one. I like to support the underdog and well, they won.

Mr Coppens said...

I concur you will be going to hell for not handing out candy.
Hope it was worth it.

Way up here it is unseasonably warm @ 16C..
sorry that's about 60F and we are loving global warming..
bring it on

Polar Bears Schmolar Bears!