Tin Truths 6 Teen

1. For the first time in my life I lost my voice
2. On December 1st I am going to do the Lemonade Diet (will see)
3. I watched my first full "Dexter" episode and I liked it
4. Carpet will be installed next Wednesday
5. I got sized for a Bra, damn that makes a huge difference
6. I am in search of my next "eager beaver"
7. I started a new job and I freaking love it
8. Quantum of the Solace was just ok!
9. My favorite dressing is Raspberry Walnut Vinagrette 
10. The Swapfest swag is going to kick ass

Side Note: Thanks to Ken for the Pic.


nurilhakim said...

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for a different kind of girl said...

There's two things I got hooked on the very first time I tried them - bra fittings and Dexter. Both are so well worth it!

Jormengrund said...

1. I hope you found it again!
2. Try the grapefruit diet.. it sucks!
3. Dexter rawks!
4. carpet's expensive, and then it takes plenty of cash to keep it looking new.. Go for hardwood floors!
5. I should get sized for one.. my man-boobs bother me at times!
6. Try visiting Illinois.. I hear ASM and Dana found a great bar there!
7. What kind of job?
8. Don't care to see it. Bond is kind of spooky to watch right now..
9. Dressing equals salad, salad equals the devil!
10. Why did I get stuck with Brad? *wink*

Brian in Mpls said...

I love that dressing!! Are you going to mix it withyour lemonade?

Ken said...

You got SPAM>>>>>>>>> hahaha Oops
sorry I didn't mean to laugh.... ok I did.... I got one on sewing the other day.
Okay now for the game!
1.And you can't type without it I guess
2.Why do you keep changing my name now its Limonade?
3.The Cartoon
4.So you do listen to me!
5.Man where can I find a job like that?
6.Ummmmm you just have to put one in every Thursday don't you!
7.I want your old one
8.Thanks I was thinking about that one9.Yep, Thats a good one!

Side note; your welcome. I have a few more I took yesterday. I will send them when I down load them.

Orion said...

i wish i could have someone spam the shit out of my comments section nothing pertinent to the subject of my blog....

i too am in search of an eager beaver...

Brad said...

Stuck with me? Hmmm...that changes my gift plans...

I hope you like tar paper.

Silicone Alley said...

I tried the lemonade diet. It was shit hell!!! But after about 10 days of drinking cheyenne pepper pills and and nasty lemonade my body felt so damn great!!!

Would I do it again? Hell mother fucking no!!!

P.S. You know what a great fan I am of "fuck", can I say that here on this here blog?

Jen said...


RPM said...

Dexter is pure greatness. You need to check out the first 2 seasons.

I too am looking for an eager beaver. What a coinkydink.

just a girl... said...

You guys are seriously freaking me out with the eager beaver comments. UHHHHHH Orion and RPM.

Bottom Line ITS A VIBRATOR...........LMFAO

Doberman gang said...

1 It gets better the sceond time
2 I started the Wii plan yours will be a wee also.
3 no can do Dexter
4 need a new vacume
5 no comment
6 Aren't we all
7 Rub it in
8 Bond is Bond is Bond
9 Ranch is there anything else
10 I am sure

RPM said...

A vibrator? Hell, I thought you were taking a walk on the wildside.

And the colored girls go do, da do, da do, do do do, do dado dadooooooooo....