I Wonder Wednesday 2?

Can water heaters blow up?

Do lizards eat spiders?

Do you ever sit around and think about dumb ass shit for no reason at all?

What do you want to know?


Ms. Salti said...

I'm saying:
Yes - water heaters blow up
Yes - Lizards eat spiders
Yes - I think about dumb shit all the time
Not sure what I want to know... I'll get back to you on that!

Ken said...

1.Only if the presure relief valve fails
4.I would like to know if you would like the 2 hello kitty pictures I just picked up

RPM said...

1. Yes (as Ken said) if the TPR valve (that funny looking valve on the side of the tank)is plugged, removed or fails. They rarely fail. Usually some idiot plugs it off because they think it is leaking.

2. Yes, It's the circle of life Simba.

3. Yes, all the time.

4. Next week's lottery numbers.

Cameron said...

I sit around ALL THE TIME and think about dumb ass shit.

just a girl... said...

Ms. Salti- Soooo Glad its not just me.

Ken- #4 a thousand yes's

RPM- 4. I give you a dollar for the winning ones. I am going to buy a ticket today!

Cameron- LOL I guess its what makes the world go round!