Tin Truths 27

1. I am in the process of learning how to  make a turtle pond.
2. When I buy plants or animals they die. 
3. I think Mother Nature hates me.
4. I am very proud of my son for accepting responsibility for his actions.
5. No, he didn't get anyone pregnant!
6. I am a James Avery Fanatic.
7. In 7 days I will be half way to 70.
8. My new love is Corn Tortillas.
9. I have decided I want to date me who are 40+.
10. The Swine Flu thing freaked me out.


g-man said...

1. Good luck with that. Our goldfish pond leaks.
2. Me too. (violently)
3. I think she just like watching me squirm.
4. Good for him!
5. Whew!
6. I'll have to go check him out.
7. Happy Birthday early. 35 rocks.
8. I love Mexican food all of it.
9. I hope you menat men, and not a future you. ;)
10. It is just the flu. The family of the secret service agent are all better and they didn't seek medical attention. It is just the flu.

RPM said...

I think #9 is a great idea. But you should narrow it down a bit. 40+, own a ranch and love to play poker.

Ken said...

I'm back and I'm playin'
1.A turtle pond here is a waiste water pond, and you are making one?
2.Then have some one give them to you
3.I think your wrong
4.Go ex-tween
5.Maybe next time
6.My name isn't James its Ken
7.I know I have been keeping track!
8.Again my name is Ken, not corn tortillas
9.I am almost 49, that puts me in range
10.I hear that

Moot Rooter said...

I can't have a turtles or fish in my little pond because I have Raccoons in it all Summer.

If you want a pet that will last a long time then buy a Box Tortoise they live to be 100+.

By 40+ you mean age not waist size right?

I got back from Mexico three weeks ago and I was sick as a dog for two entire weeks..but it was just ManFlu...
and not one person said You Poor Little Bunny!

just a girl... said...

I love that all my boys are on here. You guys leave the funniest responses to my Tin Truths.

G-man- Number 2 is cracking me up and yes mine seem to die violently as well.

RPM- Ranch and Poker!!!!! Big Time score, when do I move in, lol.

Ken-Glad to have you back.

Don- You crack me up and now I am going to google to research the box tortoise. I am super excited!

g-man said...

If you search "Headless" on my blog you will have a greater understanding. Start with the fish story.