Tin Truths 28

1. Mango Limeade at Sonic Rocks!
2. Facebook continues to amaze me.
3. I love Spencer Pratt.
4. I still don't know what's happening with my body.
5. I saw "the burbs" for the first time, funny as hell.
6. My son calls me "wiki", and yes its cause of wikipedia.
7. I love swimming, hopefully I start dropping the pounds.
8. I have been wondering lately, when did gobstoppers get so small.
9. For my birthday one friend gave me cupcakes and a scale. hmmmm
10. Favorite Quote this week.."pics or it didn't happen".

Side Note: Yes, the mower is pink! If I had that I would mow daily! 


Tiffany said...

I LOVE "The Burbs".

"Where you goin pinnochio?" HAHA My favorite line of the movie.

kristi said...

I lurve Facebook too! Love the pink mower!

g-man said...

1. My wife says we need a Sonic in our town.
2. FB continues to annoy me.
3. Who?
4. Post nude pictures, maybe we can help.
5. Classic movie!
6. LOL Kids say the darndest things.
7. I'm going to the gym regular, hoping for the same thing.
8. Good question.
9. You said friend right?
10. Good quote.

I turned my buddy's motorcycle pink in photoshop, if you need anything converted let me know. :)