54........What A Beautiful Number!

My mom turned 54 this weekend and she is as beautiful as ever. She is my rock, my best friend and definitely the love of my life. Mom, these 54 things are for you.

54 things that I love about my mom!

1. I love that you can grow anything in a garden.
2. I love that I get the fruits from those gardens.
3. I love your laugh.
4. I love it even more when we giggle on the front porch.
5. I love that when I was little, I was never too big for a Saturday afternoon picnic.
6. Even if it was just in the backyard.
7. I love that you will take the fish off the hook.
8. I love that you understand that I won't.
9. I love when you rub your face, when your stressed.
10. I love that you smile about it, when I point it out.
11. I love that you found your soul mate.
12. I love it when you tell me I will find mine.
13. I love that you have beautiful legs.
14. I love that you aren't afraid to show them off.
15. I love that when I call you in tears, you always know why.
16. Especially when I call and you say"dammit, are you watching Terms of Endearment again".
17. I love that you are as great of a daughter, as you are a mother.
18. I love that you are an even better Grandma.
19. I love your strength.
20. I love that I draw from your wisdom and lessons learned. 
21. I love that you still get excited about the little things.
22. Like getting new glasses.
23. I love your adorable haircut.
24. Every time I see it, it just reminds me of a pixie.
25. I love that you never judge me.
26. Even when I need to be judged.
27. I love to see you dance.
28. Mustang Sally forever bonds us.
29. I love that you take all my "sick" calls, very seriously.
30. I love even more that you hardly laugh.
31. I love your inner hippie.
32. The lesson of Karma, has been a priceless one.
33. I love that you have found a new passion.
34. I can't wait to see the fireflies.
35. I love that you take a strong stand in your community.
36. I love that you found a place to call home.
37. I love your commitment to family.
38. I love even more your commitment to B.
39. I love that your such a great listener.
40. I love that you now say "everything is going to be okay".
41. I love that you follow my blog.
42. I love it even more, when we laugh and have our "talks" about it.
43. I love the way you smell.
44. That is a scent I wish I could bottle and have forever.
45. I love your humor.
46. I love that you we both get the “far side”.
47. I love that at 34, I can still crawl in your bed.
48. I love it even more that you still cuddle.
49. I love your cooking
50. I especially love your beef strogaonaff.
51. I love that we were together for the past.
52. I love it even more that we are each others future.
53. I love your heart.
54. I love you, Happy Birthday Mom!

Mom, I love you so much. I can't wait to spend time with you this weekend!


The Kid In The Front Row said...

I don't think there's ever been a nicer blog post than that.

weesle909 said...

That. Was. Beautiful!

And now I know where you get it from... ;)

Happy Birthday Just A Mom!

Sarah Von said...

Fantastic! What a lovely birthday present.

Katie said...

I love your mom and I don't even know her.....

Joy said...

Great. I don't even know you and that brought tears to my eyes.
You have a great Mom...apparently, she has a great daughter.