Does anyone know the number........For


That would be Bird Protective Services. What is the deal????? First I wake up this morning to a chirp factory in my back yard. I handled it and even appreciated the chirping for a few minutes. But now its 2:45 pm and the mommy bird is freaking MIA. And these fuckers wont shut up. 

So it got me to wondering, what do mommy birds do all day. They feed their children and then they get the hell out for the day. Smart birds but not very fun for me, the new babysitter!!!!!!


Ken said...

To bad you got rid of the cat, hind sight is 20/20

Ms. Salti said...

So sad... poor babies. Did Momma ever come back?

Suze said...

I go outside in the yard sometimes and I want to shout "Shut it...it's not even 7:00 a.m yet!" Sadly the birds would just keep in yapping and then crap on my car again.