Midgets, Roping and Roaches!

I can already tell that today is going to be one of "those" days. I woke up this morning and literally had to just lay there a  minute and slowly take in what happened last night. First of all at some point I had multiple conversations with a 14 year old about a roach in the living room. Conversations that included me telling my son to shut my door and stick a towel under it. If you never knew before that I am a heavy sleeper this should be my tell. I am TERRIFIED of roaches and yes I am assuming this freaking thing was a tree roach. SO for me to have to just gone to sleep means I was tired. Because right now its taking everything in me not to go in there and wake him up to get the exact details. Had I of been awake we wouldn't of slept till my son had that thing out of the house. I won't step in the living room and I am in my office with my feet in my chair right now and I won't let my blanket touch the ground.  THIS SUCKS!

As I am laying in my bed getting through the roach fog, I realize I have midget roping fog that I need to think about next. Yes you heard me midget roping. I have this crazy ass dream that my X and I and a few other couples are all at the park. For some reason he takes off his shirt and decides he wants to play soccer. So he runs off far ahead of me. When we finally get up to him he is a midget and every time he catches the ball this fat "carnie" ropes him like a damn pony and brings him back to this shade tree so he can throw the ball. In my dream this only happens once and I am shocked that my X didn't get mad. This was beyond bizarre and I don't even want to know what this one means.

Side Note: Please no offense to the little people, but I couldn't exactly keep writing little people over and over now could I. HA cracking myself up, but seriously no offense.

Side Note 2: Uhhh ya I guess you don't rope pony's you rope calf, sorry! Oh and get it.......ping bug, lmao!


g-man said...

Could have used the even more economic "dwarf".

Bummer on the bug. I hate bugs.

NucMEd is Hot said...

We had those rather "large" roaches in Arkansas. One night I was in the living room and had the back door open when I heard this commotion outside on the deck of our rental house, I flipped on the porch light and the deck was actually moving. Bitch was covered with those nasty nasty creatures.