WTF? Volume 8 Edition 6

To say that I am weird about food is an understatement. I have so many crazy ass rules when it comes to food that sometimes I shake my head at myself. But what I saw the other day was not only mind blowing it was down right disgusting.  

So lets talk about milk. My milk rule is that I don't drink milk past 2 days before the sell by date. I don't like to drink milk when its hot outside and I don't like drinking milk out of small plastic containers from the convenience store.

A few weeks ago I went to Sonic and ordered a milk, only because of an upset stomach. When I got the milk I checked the date like I always do. Mind you the day I was getting the milk it was like June 3. The drink by date on the milk was AUGUST 3!!!!!! WTF??? 60 days... the milk is good for 60 days are you freaking kidding me. I asked the lady how is that even possible and she looked confused as to what the problem was. I looked on the front label and it said ULTRA- Pasteurized. UHHHH Ya I guess so. 

And NO, I didn't drink the milk. Does anyone else think that's nuts??? Cleverly... Wacky is on the front of it, which is my mind is an understatement!

Side Note: Ground breaking post, huh...not!

Side Note 2: I had to spell check convenience, 3 times. That is a long ass word!


Kate said...

Yes, that is crazy for the exp date to say 08-03 when it's only June 3.
Makes me think they meant march 8th.
ha ha ha ha ha! Which in turn, means the milk was expired and possibly chunky.

I don't blame you one bit for being picky.. sour milk is a bad thing to taste.

RPM said...

They came up with ultrapasteurization several years ago. The Israeli's developed milk that does not require refridgeration and lasts for months.

Aunt Juicebox said...

That milk is also sealed so it's air tight, which air is what causes food to spoil. I don't like milk myself. I used to buy a gallon a week, for cereal, cooking etc, but nobody drinks it and I end up pouring it out every week because I won't drink it after that. I think it smells funny from the moment you open it, so I could never tell if it had spoiled and won't risk drinking it. I don't ever drink it as a 'beverage'.

just a girl... said...

I would seriously DIE without milk. I can drink it by the gallons.

New England Bites said...
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New England Bites said...

Great blog. Here are my reservations about milk:

1. I despise whole milk. I always think that it tastes warm, and I gag if I have warm milk in my mouth. So, needless to say, I gag when I drink whole milk.

2. I love skim, but if someone leaves the milk out for a few minutes while they're pouring a bowl of cereal, I start freaking out. PUT IT BACK IN THE FRIDGE!

3. I'm nuts about expiration dates. I buy (and drink) milk every week just so that all the jugs in my fridge are fresh. I would never, ever, ever drink milk past the sell by date. Even if it's fine ... *shudders* ... just the thought ...

4. If I get milk anywhere on my body (hands, face, clothing, etc.), I have to wash it immediately. This also goes for any other kind of dairy product (cream cheese, ice cream, butter, etc.). It just makes me sick to think that I have warm dairy somewhere on me. UGH!!!

So yeah, I'm insane. And I have a food blog. Nice to meet you.

Danielle-lee said...

Ugh. I can't drink milk unless it's COLD. And I used to love banana milk. Did you ever try that? I can't imagine that milk could be good for 60 days. That's crazy!