They're BACKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of you know that I am total dork. I do some of the dorkiest things, wait is dorkiest a word? (screw it, now it is). So last night I got to HEB to get just a few groceries and it felt a little twilight zony. But those stories will have to come last. Right now we have to talk about the main attraction.


I couldn't freaking believe it. There I am minding my own business when bamm, I run smack dab into an end cap that has all the bags. I felt like a kid seeing Santa for the first time. I stopped I rubbed my eyes and looked again. Then I stood there in awe  and said STFU! So ya that didn't last long. My original post was 10/22, so it didn't even take a year.

On the other stuff, I think the grocery store is usally a miserable place to be. When I go I try to get in and out, with as little contact with anyone as possible. This time was different. I went in a good mood I felt like my eyes were wired wide open. That being said there are some FREAKS at the grocery store. It wasn't as bad as walmart. But definitely a place where you could throw around a thousand stereo types. The one that stuck out the most was the bitch mom, her 5 year old husband and the two little fat kids dumb and dumber. At first I felt bad for the lady the 2 boys were running around and of course dad was egging them on. In the cheese isle even I was annoyed, somebody control these fucking heathens. But by the time I got to the meat isle it had turned cute. Those brats didn't want to be at the store and either did the dad. They were all trying to  make the best of it. This mom was MEAN! And although I am sure it was the situation....I had to ask myself. WHY, would you want to take any of them to the store to do a weeks worth of shopping? In my opinion she asked for it.

Side Note: RPM and Ken, you guys rock! Friends don't let Friends go without cookies! Thanks again for my circus cookies, one of the coolest things ever I have gotten in the mail! 


TUWABVB said...

My heart just about melted when I saw those little treats at my grocery store! I had berated myself for not stock-pilling them back when I heard they were going to be discontinued.

Seriously, I love them, but what's up with the coating they leave on the roof of your mouth?

RPM said...

You have no idea the freakshow I watch on a daily basis at work.

Ken said...

So what do I do with this bag I have here? They have been waiting for me to get off my ass and send them to you. My room mate keeps asking me if I'm ever going to eat them....lol