I wanna know!!!

Do you like to smell your own farts? be honest!!!!!!!

What is your one indulgence?

Do you think big ass roaches are afraid of the light?

What uses more energy your ac or 500 fans plugged into your outlets?


Mich said...

1 - who doesnt? their lying.

2 - ice cream. its one of the many...

3 - dunno... ive only ever seen roaches on vacation (in Missouri). we dont have roaches (or rats) here. thank goodness!!!

4 - i gonna guess the fans use less....??? i dunno. LOL

Sassy Pants Freckle Face said...

Everyone likes their own flavor~

Shopping without limits~ B.C.~ before children *tear*

Roaches have been around since the dinos, they are vile and should die!

AC, cause that is what i use :)

Megan L Garza said...

My indulgence is fast food. I liken it to smoking - you know it's terrible & will most likely kill you in the end but you just keep going back to it. argh.

<3 your blog!

Brenda said...

Hmmm...I could do without the smell of anyones' farts, including my own, but my son lives to smell his own flatulence. To each his own!

I have more indulgences than I have room to write. My current favorites are True Blood and McDonald's ice cream cones.

Living in Florida, I see way too many Big Ass roaches - they come out 24/7

Just a guess...I'll go with the fans using more energy

Caitlin said...

My farts rarely have any smell but when they do they run me & my hubs out of the room!

Current indulgence: Watching The Tudors cuddled on the couch with my hubs, puppies and a piece of cheesecake.

Roaches...Hm. I know nothing of roaches except once when I was really small and staying in Houston one got in my shirt and crawled on my back and ever since the very thought of them has made my skin crawl.

I'd say the fans. Plus there's no way we could plug in 500 fans, even with dangerous multi-plugs haha.

RPM said...

1) No.

2) That would be something of an herbal nature.

3) Yes

4) Probably the fans. But, there's too many variables to give an accurate answer. What size a/c, fans?

just a girl... said...

Mich- I know this is gross but lately the really smelly ones almost put me in shock. I am with you on the ice cream but I only eat it in the winter. Weird I know.

Sassy-Ditto on the shopping.

Megan- I am not big on fast food. Although I love me some mc donald's happy meal. Those never get old.

Brenda- those cones are so damn good. I am only 35 but i remember 16 years ago when they were only .25 cents. wtf! oh and on the roaches i never saw this big ass tree roach and if I did I would die. I have been sleeping with my lights on for the past 4 or 5 nights. ya read midgets, roaches and roping!

Caitlin-LOL to the roach comment. When I was little I live in Mississippi for awhile. This boy that it would be funny to put one on me. My shirt came OFF I mean completely off. Those things are my biggest fear. If I even see one I will pretty much cry, i can't even handle it.

RPM- 1. liar 2. spinach does a body good 3. thank god 4. anything has to be better than a $400 dollar electric bill, ugh.

Rhonda said...

1. No. NO.
2. Reality TV. It's rotting my brain.
3. NO. Big ass roaches aren't scared of anything.
4. The AC?

sammy said...

1. i think theres a difference in 'anticipating' what they will smell like and actually liking to smell them ya know.

2. just one??...cigarsdrinkingstayinguptoolate. i figure if i didnt use spaces it would count as one ; )

3. not at all

4. i would say the 500 fans

Kate said...

No, I don't like the smell. It is just familiar because I've lived with it all of my life. What can you do? Not like I can get away from it.

My indulgence is cherry frosting.
I love to eat it by the spoonful with a glass of milk.

I don't know what big ass roaches are afraid of. I just know I am afraid of them. LOL.

Probably 500 fans. Hence I have A/C. ha ha ha

Ms. Salti said...

1. Not so much, but you gotta see if it smells or not!

2. Chocolate

3. I don't think they're afraid of anything

4. I'm going with the 500 fans!

just a girl... said...

Rhonda- I would die without reality tv. I have been without it for a week and going through serious withdrawl.

Sammy- "anticipating" I love it.

Kate- Cherry frosting is a new one. I guess because I am a plain old vanilla girl. I am going to have google that one. I do love cherry, the cherry jolly ranchers especially.

just a girl... said...

Ms Salti-Damn you snuck in there miss thing. I agree on all. I was really hoping i was going to get some man that was going to tell me how to stay cooler without killing my a/c guess not. Where are all the chest beaters tonight? lmao.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I'm not telling but I will tell you that I laughed my ass off when I saw the South Park Episode called Smug Alert! If you haven't seen it you SHOULD!!


RPM said...

A $400 dollar electric bill? What is your thermostat set at? I keep mine at 75 in an 1800sqft house. My bill stays under $200.

Anonymous said...

1. Only if I can't help it.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the current moment

3. I HATE ROACHES! And let me tell you that i have to deal with them on a regular basis in my apt which has a damp hot bathroom which they love!

4. Doing the math:
500 fans plus 8 cents per day (the fan that I have) times 30 equals to be $1200 so in the case of 500 fans then it is more expensive but if it is say 5 fans instead then it should run you about 12 dollars a month just for the fans. Sounds good to me.

- da cuz

NucMEd is Hot said...

The way you think troubles me occasionally!

Scott said...

1 - of course, a good one under the sheets can linger for five minutes or so. ;-)

2 - right now it's cherries, sweet ripe cherries are the bomb. sadly they are only around for about a month, nearing the end of the season.

3 - thankfully never had to deal with them, but i still remember the giant one on the INSIDE wall one time visiting my relatives in Houston. those fuckers are fast too.

4 - fans are cheaper, not sure about 500. point them all down and see if your house goes UP, then land it somewhere cooler.

Rev Deb said...

No !
probably the fans

Thanks for the unplugged questions:)
Rev Deb