And you thought Sweckle was weird

So at 4:04 am I woke up in my bed and decided I was going to do a "Where is Waldo" post. But instead it would be "Where is JAG". For the next 5 hours I would wake up and for the short amount of time that I was lucid, I would have conversations with my brain about this post. At one point I had a full on dream with both angel jag and devil jag, which was pretty freaking weird.

The point of this post is that NYQUIL should be illegal. It has been years since I took this legal drug, and I am now convinced that this shouldn't be sold to Adults. 

There you have it my, WTF Wednesday.


Orion said...

Waldo is elusive, he is also a known supporter of the NyQuil for parents foundation.

Plus you could probably find him easier if it was, oh i dunno... a BIGGER picture??

just a girl... said...

for all of those after orion. Click on the link by Side Note. For larger picture

Ken said...

I had a strage dream last night also, I was given a secrete e-mail address to a friend. I looked all over hell for it this morning, I finaly contacted her and she said that she had not sent it....then did..lol

And waldo is right there ...see... no a little higher...Oh thats you thats a little higher...lol

Orion said...

i had this feeling that i needed to come back and peek.

sure enough... my sarcasm for how long the page loaded has been misconstrued for idiocy.


Jormengrund said...

You know, it's times like this when I wish internet really did work for real life..

If only you could click for larger images, most men wouldn't have self-esteem issues!

Narm said...

Nyquil is my drug and Rite Aid is my dealer.

Donn Coppens said...

Gonzo Journalist Hunter S Thompson said that his drink of choice was Scotch & Nyquil.

Did you forget to add the Scotch?

NucMEd is Hot said...

That picture kind of made me throw up in my mouth a little. Not good.