Bigger Than Watergate......

dun dun dun, da na , da dun dun dun, dun da nah dun nadah da dun. Wow, I did that perfectly. It's the old school intro song for HBO Movies. Yes I know I am weird. We all have things that remind of us childhood, and we have all read posts about it a thousand times. Tough shit, here is another one.

These are just a few of my favorites, from the 50's. Sike, the 80's.

For me it was Sesame Street Sheets. My cartoons, Shirt Tails (bogey was my favorite) and Smurfs. I loved playing with my Baby Alive. I had a Wuzzle, Strawberry Shortcake Dolls that smelled so freaking good, I played with colorforms and had tons of paper dolls. I loved My Little Pony, Rainbow Brite and of course Hello Kitty. I had a Cabbage Patch Doll and collected Garbage Pail Kid Cards. Yes I remember Poochie and Monchichi.

I wore plastic charms and jelly shoes. I loved banana clips and yes can remember my pink Forenza sweater and Outback Red shirts. Boys were hot if they wore Drakar, Girbaud Jeans and Red Wings. New Coke was all the talk, and everyone hated it. To this day, the smell of Salon Selectives and Rave, can put me right back in 7th Grade.

So yes, I want to know 5 things (come on you can do it) (more if you have the patience) that remind you of childhood.

Side Note: Thanks for playing.


Orion said...

zoobas. LMFAO... hahaha..
oh, my sides... THEY HURT!

for some odd reason whenever someone brings up the 80's all i can think about was 3rd grade. Having a wave like comb over, rolling my jeans to fit snugly on my ankles, and roller skate date night.

ugh... the horror.

Orion said...

i realize now my comment should have been directed more towards my childhood, rather than the 80's...

but... "tough shit"

just a girl... said...

Orion for the record they are called Zubaz (yes i had to look it up didnt have a clue) so for you.


Caleal said...

The Little Mermaid, Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, Power Pad Nintendo Games, My Aunt's Swimming Pool, and My First Dog.

Ken said...

1.) Dirt
2.) Dinoaurs
3.) A big wooden club
4.) Fir skins
5.) Camp fires

for a different kind of girl said...

Ha! I so remember the intro bumper to the HBO movies, too! Hilarious.

Ok, let's see if I can knock off five things:

1 - Carrying big combs with handles that had sayings, like 'Hot Stuff,' on the handles in our back pockets

2. Making friendship pins for our shoestrings out of beads and safety pins.

3. Shoestrings that had designs on them, like little rainbows, hearts, or the Izod alligator.

4. Watching USA's Up All Night on the weekends, including when it was hosted by Gilbert Gottfried

5. Being way, way, way into the madness that was "General Hospital" when it exploded in the cultural mainstream

6. (A bonus!) Wearing Coke clothes!

NucMEd is Hot said...

1. Aussie Sprunch Spray

2. Ticht roling the cuff on your jeans

3. Going to the skating Rink

4. Polo in the green bottle

5. Underoos-seriously how could you not love underoos

Dan da Man said...

only one things reminds me of childhood and that is the site of blood that brings me loike back to the good old days where i would cut my dogs back open and watch his bare naked spine as he walks away

RPM said...

1. Tang

2. 8-Track tapes

3. Captain Kangaroo

4. The Beatles

5. ABC Afterschool Specials

g-man said...

1. Autumn.
2. Yellow Tonka dump truck.
3. Cemeteries. (We lived next to one and we played in it)
4. Any cartoon from the 70's
5. The "tackle" sound from the handheld football game. (the one at the end of "the logical song" by Supertramp)

Oh and so many more.

kathcom said...

I remember realizing I was going to hell after stealing a Snoopy eraser in 3rd grade,so it didn't matter what I did for the rest of my life.

I remember my purple suede "I Think I Love You' purse with the silhouette of David Cassidy in bellbottoms on it.

I remember my Cher doll. Actually, I still have it.

I remember thinking Oscar the Grouch was misunderstood.

I remember drinking Yukon Jack between classes. Everything gets kind of fuzzy after that.

Helmey / El Capitan said...

being awesome...but I still do that

Moe Wanchuk said...

1.)Angie Russel the Love Muscle
2.)my Big Wheel
3.)fishin with my Dad
4.)driving to Alabama to see my kinfolk
5.)playing Atari video games

Slick said...

What about them stupid ass Cabbage Patch dolls.

My sister had one that I would act like I was beating up all the time.

Boy would she get pissed.

I loooooooved Lincoln Logs!

Music Monkey said...

1. Playing Mario on my NES
2. Blossom (yes, I'm that sad!)
3. New Kids on the Block (yes, I'm even sadder than you all ready knew!)
4. Being thin
5. My rubix cube (which is still done because my OCD doesn't allow me to mix it up)

Jormengrund said...

Yes, the ATARI was HUGE!

Oh, but I remember playing PONG back when it was released to play just by itself. No other game, just the big, bulky black bos that plugged into the TV (through the antenna hookups!), and played JUST PONG...

Banana seat bicycles. God how I hated doing jumps in those things.. I don't think my crotch will ever forgive me for that!

Saturday morning cartoons. Bugs Bunny was KING (until G.I.Joe and Transformers showed me that there were better artists out there!)

Legos. They'd just become a hit, and I was enthralled with the many things I could build. Especially when you melted and cut up the ones that you didn't like!

Tinker Toys. Who didn't like putting those sticks into the pinwheels, and making new and interesting shapes?

Anyway, that's a bit of nostalgia from me!

I'm out.

Heather said...

1) Chic jeans (never got any)
2) Trying to look like Madonna (but failing miserably)
3) My "I HEART Prince" purple sweatshirt
4) Shows like Punky Brewster and Small Wonder and Silver Spoons
5) Swatch Watches

I also remember everything was popular that had Coke written all over it, including sunglasses. The Gap was radical. I also got to watch lots of 80's movies that were Rated R that my mom wouldn't let me watch because my friend's mom would rent them for her and they had cable and we didn't, and I would spend the night at her house and we'd watch whatever we wanted.

Vanessa said...

WOW! I had not thought of so many of these things in so long, like Outback Red shirts or Wuzzles. Hmm, things that remind me of childhood, Smurfs or Snorks, Atari with Pacman, going to the skate arena, friendship pins and always being at the babysitter.

Tiffany said...

My Little Ponies kicked Ass!! Tight rolling jeans and double layering socks were cool.

Julie_Gong said...

1. choose your own adventure books.
2. mc hammer.
3. the creek near my house.
4. cartoons.
5. flashlight tag.

while most of these don't reflect it... it was pretty amazing to grow up during the 80s.

Anonymous said...

1. Sunday dinners in front of the TV with family watching Lassie and the Wonderful World of Disney.

2. Christmas morning.

3. Building forts in the woods with neighborhood friends and coming up with secret handshakes and code books.

4. Girl scout campouts.

5. My absolute favorite…..going to the beach every summer for vacation (shell collecting, FISHING, FISHING, FISHING)


Brad said...


That is all I can remember before the meds kicked in.

Anonymous said...

1.My Little Ponies
2.My (extended) family
3.Spice Girls!
4.the smell of Lip Smackers
5.Sesame Street!!!!