Tin Truths Five

1. If I could rob one store and get away with it, it would be Sephora
2. My favorite vegetable is the Artichoke
3. My eye's are my best asset
4. I am a true Redhead although nobody believes me
5. I want to die in my sleep
6. I don't like chewy ass cookies
7. I really love spoons, it all started when I was very young
8. I refuse to mow, its a man job
9. I really, really wish I could change the world
10. I wish I had a Xanax


Orion said...

does anyone REALLY like ass cookies???

Dan da Man said...

1. Victora sercer tfor me

2. never had

3. Ummm look lower

4. I love redheads

5. i want to die in a firey death

6.Who does

7. crazy

8. Sexist

9. so does everyone

10. Send me 20 bucks and we could work something out

Midlife Slices said...

We have so much in common. Are we kin? But, I DO like chewy ass cookies and I WAS a redhead before this pesky gray started hanging out in my lovely auburn hair. Grrr.....
Thanks for your kind words in the comment you left. :)

Deb said...

Wow! The question you left me in my comments was deeper than any others I have gotten so far. I will definitely answer it, but I need to peruse your blog a bit and get to know you too since you were kind enough to visit me.

Ken said...

1. A gas station they have more money!
2.Green beans
3.I'm thinking.....
4.I do believe
5.Me too
6.I like them all
7.I want to hear more about this one!
8. I love to
9. I know a song like that!
10. $50.00 a 100 meet me out back

Narm said...

Am I the only supporter of Brussels sprouts? Where's the love

Leslie said...

Whatcha doin with them spoons?

sporkchop said...

By ME refusing to mow....and relying on my husband to do it, we just had our rent raised by our bitch ass landlady by $100/month.

Fuck I hate her.

I could totally rob Sephora...take me with you!!! :)

for a different kind of girl said...

I looked lovingly at some artichokes at the grocery store yesterday. Love...

I don't like crunchy cookies. Just chewy, preferably homemade and frozen. Mmmm..

betty said...

Narm, I love brussel sprouts... soaked in butter.

My husband is only allowed to mow the front yard. He can't or just refuses to mow straight lines. Neighborhood comes out to inspect if he has to do and I can't for some reason.

ToughGirl101 said...

hmm, I disagree with the mowing. But the changing the word im 100% on board for it!

Tiffany said...

WTF is wrong with you? I kinda wondered about your last post but not fucking liking chewy cookies?!?!?! You must be mad!!!

just a girl... said...

Side Note to Da Cuz- cause it will take here awhile to get here. Send me an email justagurl74@gmail.com so I have yours

NucMEd is Hot said...

I am target,asparagus,my sense of humor, brunett, want to die at 60, crunchy cookies, I'm a fork girl, I LOVE to mow, I wish I could just change to country, and I have a load of xanax every damn day of the week!

Envy me

Donnnnn said...

Spoons eh?
You must have loved the scene in The Matrix when the kid was bending the spoon like Uri Geller?

Have you ever watched Xanadu on Xanax?

Why, dare I ask, don't people believe that you're a pure Ginger?

eroswings said...

I, too, refuse to mow...it's maintenance job.

Not a big cookie fan; but I do like the cake like ones, not the hard ones.

Thanks for the visit.

Jormengrund said...

1. Store? Would have to be the local AM/PM here.. it gets TONS of business from the tweakers, so I know there's got to be some serious cash in the till (when the tweakers aren't robbing it, that is)

2. Favorite Veggie: Does Steak count?

3. Best asset: My overly developed sense of humility.

4. Something nobody believes about me: I'm actually quite considerate in person?

5. Where I want to die: In bed, having, planning to have, or just had sex..

6. Something I don't like: Stupid co-workers..

7. Something I love: My 3 kids.

8. What I refuse to do: Laundry. That's what the Chinese are here for!

9. I wish: That folks wouldn't take that last answer so seriously

10. I also wish: That I had a nice chewy ass cookie

Slick said...

You'll need a Xanax while trying to change the world!

g-man said...

1. Home depot since they get a shit load of my $$.

2. I like artichokes, (Cheesecake factory has a great appetizer!) I don't know that I have a favorite.

3. I think my eyes are my most useful part, brain is my best asset.

4. Prove it! ;)

5. Me too when I am 100.

6. I love chewy chocolate chip. in fact I like crunchy ones too. (I guess I am indiscriminate)

7. Spoons are ok, I had a manual egg beater that was my "friend" one summer.

8. Or a kids job!

9. Me too, you or me, it really needs changed.

10. Love happy pills.

Joe Somebody said...

Can you stick that spoon to your nose?

If I could rob a store then it would be Walmart... Because they sell walls there.

Moe Wanchuk said...

I just wanna score the winning touchdown, for MSU over michigan....then 75,000 fans rush the field and go berserk.

Then sleep with all the women on campus.

Tasha said...

HAHAHAHA I was thinking the same thing as Orion....I dont really like ass cookies, either. But I like chewy cookies. HAHAHAHAHAAAA

GoteeMan said...

damn, orion stole my line! great minds think alike...

but in answer to orion, yes, some do like ass cookies, from what I hear... and butt cake... well, you get the idea...

Artichokes are awesome, especially in pasta dishes or on pizza...

I have some xanax you can borrow...

000 - (xanax tabs)

J/ (goteeman.blogspot.com)

Lola said...

I agree with almost all. I however would rob D&G. Cute post

PS said...

Your refreshing !!
No BS Meditative Thought.
You just say it !!

just a girl... said...

I have to admit this one is my favorite weekly post too