Tin Truths Seven

1. I am a Taurus
2. I HATE sneakers
3. Porn does turn me on, sometimes
4. The only good thing about Palin, is that I now know who Trevor Linden is
5. I only like watching movies with happy endings
6. I watched 5 episodes of the WSOP Tour last night, tonight I will watch them all again
7. I think my son's principal is a douche bag
8. I had my first glass of wine today at 1:00 pm
9. I watched 20/20 this week, I am now convinced there are UFOs and ALIENs
10. I think I am going to be abducted next (yeah like that wont be a hard core mind fuck).


Carmen said...

This is the best post ever... :)

Jay said...

You waited all the way until 1:00 pm to drink wine. Good job waiting until after lunch.

Hey, I posted my top 5 like you said you wanted to see. And I think you said you would post your top 5 too. ;-)

for a different kind of girl said...

I don't think I get out enough to attract the attention of abduction-focused aliens. However, my raging concern about a Bigfoot encounter continues.

Ken said...

1. I'm a Gemini
2. I love them
3. Me too
4. Okay
5. I'm the same way .....hmmmmm
6. I'm sorry
7. Then I agree
8. I can't remember the lsat one
9. About time!
10. Remember being abducted and Kidnapped are almost the same thing (want some candy Just a Girl).

NucMEd is Hot said...

I dig porn, I too am a taurus, who the hell is Trevor Linden and I didn't start until 7:00.

Jormengrund said...

funny, funny, funny!

At least today I can really laugh at what you've got to say!

Last week, I was in a pissy mood, but today this post has made a great start!

Well done JAG!

just a girl... said...


jay-mine is coming

fadkog- yes I renamed you fadkog

Ken-I can always count on you to get the game

nucmed-I am glad I am not the only one that admits it, not surprised you are a taurus, and Trevor Linden is a hot ass hockey player from the dumb asses state

jormen-I am glad we are back on level ground lol

Ben said...

Wine in the afternoon?

Bliss :)

Donnnnn said...

1 The wobble in the Earth's axis has made all of those Zodiac signs that the Babylonians dreamed up out by a month..so I'm not really a Sag I guess I'm a Cap?

2 Seinfeld killed sneakers
3 I had so much fun at my Prom
4 Love Michael Palin
5 Love movies where all the bad guys suffer inconceivably horrendous slow agonizing deaths
6 Wassup!
7 My son's principal makes me feel uncomfortable in her office when the doors are closed, the blinds drawn, and she's nekked
8 I had to limit my daily intake of Tequila to 10 shots..talk about peer pressure
9 I'm conmvinced that John Stossel is an Alien
10 I HOPE I am abducted and transported to another planet to be an inseminator in the Human Zoo as long as Monica Bellucci is my cell mate.

Dan da Man said...

1. I am insane

2. I hate underwear

3. Why i am i not shocked by this

4. Well that and it gives McCain something to "do" when he is bored

5. So like every movie


7. Everyone thinks that

8. Way to hold off

9. Just ask my ass i have been probed up and down

10. How did you know i was going to stal you

Orion said...

"9. I watched 20/20 this week, I am now convinced there are UFOs and ALIENs"

Reality is scary shit... that's why i watch reality shows like ...umm, well actually i don't watch TV. In fact, i hate the damn thing...

Dan said...

UFO's are for real !
I was abducted last week, they were nice enough not to anal probe me.

Tracie said...

all principal's are douche bags... right?

I need you creative genius-ness... I'm thinking of going in to Party planning and Decorating, then later branching into other party "aspects"... I need a name... something catchy, cute, impressionable, and fun... any ideas that jump at you? You've been a pretty creative gal in the brief time I've gotten to know ya, so any ideas you got to get my brain turning, would be much appreciated! HOLLA!

Chat Blanc said...

yay! I'm a Taurus too! bulls rock! :)

RPM said...

Do you get "The River" filmed at Winstar casino? It's the Winstar World Championship Series and is on Channel 8 in Dallas. Great show.

I'm thinking about signing up for the next tournament. Only $55 entry and jackpot is $3M.

How hard can it be?