Tin Truths 6

I know, I know I suck. A day late, and well you get the point. Here you go............

1. I got a migraine this week and with that came morphine, I am glad I can't get it on the streets.
2. I was already broke up with, but for some reason I got broke up with again.
3. Rampid isn't a word, either is caw or airy, in rap videos these translate to call and every.
4. 34 is the most comments ever on a post and I think I am now a whore, ok a comment whore.
5. I hate Sarah Palin
6. My son's position is linebacker this year, and he's really good at it
7. Real Live Lesbian and her pony talk, kind-of weirded me out lol.
8. If I had to be in a porn and I had to take 1 fruit it wouldn't be a banana
9. No Real Live Lesbian didn't make me think of porn
10. I cant wait for October

Side Note: I really want that freaking lunch box.


Orion said...

so if you're in front of some perverted ass, such as myself..

do you eat the banana sideways to avert sexual attention?

Ken said...

Okay stalker here, I'm first WAHOOOOO.
1.With morphine do you really care?
2.Then you didn't lose anything!
3. Okay if you say so
4.NO way
5.you have that right
6.Its always better to hit than get hit (I know this)
7.me too. (and where can I see this)
8.I will try and remember that!
9.Your young you think of it all the time
10.Is that your birthday month?

Ken said...

How he get in before me damn it!! lol

just a girl... said...

Orion- do you read, I said it wouldn't be a banana I didn't say why it wouldn't be a banana. And to answer your question no I simply attack the banana head on. LMAO

7. Check out RLL comments on Damn I am good.
10. You will have to wait till next week's Tin Truths 7 to find that out.

just a girl... said...

Orion is fast like that. Run orion Run

Orion said...

i know you said no banana...

but i'm perverted. so i had to ask.

run with me, and explain to me he-man and hello kitty.


Ken said...

Okay, well i went there and I left her a piece of my mind, So after this I will be a veggie, and just sit around and mumble.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Dig the lunch box

linebacker is good

my top is 14

I heart Sara(h) Palin. Kind of like I eart a case of fucking genital warts.

Glad you made it back, try not to let Ike beat you like Tina

ToughGirl101 said...

wait... how th ehell did number 2 happen?

Leslie said...

Why not a banana? I would think it would be better then say an apple. Now I've got banana on the brain. Peel....no peel?

for a different kind of girl said...

I'm watching Palin's interview now, but gah, I already don't like her, so I don't know why I'm doing this to myself.

Love the lunchbox, too!

Karen said...

I am afraid to ask, but what fruit would you take with you?

Tiffany said...

Damn all I ever get are like 15 comments. Maybe I should talk about fruit and porn. LOL

GoteeMan said...

let's see - fruityporn, morphine, politics - that's sure to get your "needs" satsified... I bet the count goes up on this one...


Ken said...

Well of corse the counts going to go up! This is Jag's site every one nows JAG is hot (hot pink that is)

Dan da Man said...

2. Did you at least have break up sex

3. Really wow i feel smart now

4Can you be my comment whore

5. As well you should

8.You can me whipped cream

9. I wish i could say the same thing

g-man said...

1. My dad told me he was addicted to morphine when he was in HS.

2. Um, bummer.

3. Word.

4. I's a whore too.

5. I'd do her.

6. Cool. My eldest played the both O and D lines during his days.

7. Will have to go check that out!

8. Demonstration??

9. She makes me think of porn!

10. I love Halloween.