My Perfect.........

Food Day

Sesame Seed Bagel, toasted to extra crunchy
Smoked Salmon
Sliced Sweet Onion 
Tomato from Mom's Garden
Plain Cream Cheese
Sea Salt and Pepper
Ice Cold Milk with 1/2 teaspoon of Nesquick

Miso Soup
4 Pieces of Maguro
I Piece of Unagi
3 Pieces of Hirachi
Spider Roll
Ahi Tuna cubed and drizzled with Sesame Oil w/crackers
Dirty Martini w/Grey Goose xtra dirty

Brie w/crackers
Green Grapes
Bottle of Caymus Cabernet

Raw Oysters
Mozzarella and Tomato Salad
Crusty Baguette w/real butter
Ribeye Steak Medium Rare w/horseradish cream sauce
Horseradish Mashed Potatoes
Grilled Asapargus
Bottle of Caymus Cabernet
Creme Brulee


Ken said...

I think I'm in love!!!

Can I get that to go!

Ken said...

Sorry it took so long for me to post that comment, It was 19 seconds after post when I signed in!!!lol

Jormengrund said...

It looks like you're slowly trying to starve yourself..

Are you dieting?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Pack it up and mail it out. yum yum

Anonymous said...

Let's go!!!
What time should I pick you up?


for a different kind of girl said...

If you find you want to skip the toasted bagel and asparagus, I'll take care of that for you!

doggybloggy said...

make those garlic mashed potatoes and bacon wrapped grilled asparagus and I am with you....

NucMEd is Hot said...

I got full jst reading that, although I could get really excited about that sushi line up

Anonymous said...

CREME BRULEE!!!! That is some of the best stuff EVER!!!

Tracie said...

I know, I'm a reject in the blogging community... Can I even call myself a blogger?

Thanks for the comments. I think I'm going to take a course (cake baking) in October. Haven't decided yet... I figure if I can do that with no expierence, who knows what I can create with some actual expierence...

Thanks for the encourgaging words... ugh!


abbagirl74 said...

I should have never stopped by. I know exactly what I will be eating after my surgery. Can't wait!

Eric said...

My favorite part of your perfect day was the xtra dirty martini. I own a company called Dirty Sue - premium olive juice for dirty martinis and would love to send you a bottle to try out.

Let me know.

Karen said...


g-man said...

I had sushi for lunch yesterday, no martinis though. IT all sounds perfect!

Chris said...

Unagi tastes like ass and dirty diapers...from what I've been told, anyway.
I love sushi otherwise though!

Poppy said...

Ahhh, a perfectly beautiful post. It feels meme-y, like we should all be confessing our perfect food days and passing it on.

I'll think on mine. It will be radically different from yours, but I enjoy yours very much.

Anonymous said...

lets go on a date because that sounds DELICIOUS!

da cuz