Google is as google does.

Okay, so everybody posts their favorite google pic. I always though that was sooooooooo gay. Until today!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here ya go.

Side Note: What was your favorite Dr. Seuss?


Jules said...

The Lorax for sure. Oh wait, no, Daisy Head Mazey. No, The Lorax. It's a tie.

Posh Totty said...

We love Horton Hears a Who! if you havnt yet seen it, you so should, if you love Dr Seuss, you will love horton ;)

Mich said...

One Fish
Two Fish
Red Rish
Blue Fish

and of course... Cindy Loo-Who! Pretty much anyone from Whoville and the song they sing around the christmas tree!

Orion said...

'what was i scared of'
possibly the best book ever... not only did it push me through grade school, but it has also given me the strength to see the furnace as a furnace instead of a growling monster with shredding teeth trying to chase me up the stairs.

Ken said...

Hands down Green eggs and ham! Its over thats it! lol

Ken said...

PS I am so mad at myself for not taking my camera with me today. I seen the coolest PINK SUV and to top it off the plate was "Go Girl" I will try to find it again for ya!

::kacy:: said...

i loved: are you my mother? :D
the foot book
green eggs and ham
how the grinch stole christmas
i can read with my eyes shut