Tin Truths 25

1. I went to Fado's for St. Patricks day and didn't have one green beer.
2. I really wish my new cat would get a new home.........
3. Is looking forward to life getting back to normal after spring break.
4. I sometimes wish in the workplace girls would act more like boys!!!
5. I have been horny for like 88 days I think I am heat.
6. I wish everyone could be in Austin during SXSW week.
7. As of today I officially have a white trash yard. 
8. Has decided Sunday is my official catch up on my blogs day.
9. I have a huge bruise on my hand and it sucks.
10. I really, really, really need some food...


Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to be in Austin right now! And for Music week too!
And I also wish girls acted more like boys. Sometimes they are soooooo freaking unprofessional and gossipy it drives me NUTS!

RPM said...

5. They call me "The Fireman", that's my name....

RPM said...

7. I was once told if you have a Massey-Ferguson parked in the front yard... you might be a redneck.

Guilty as charged.

Narm said...

When someone invites YOU to Austin - will you in turn invite me? Only fair.

Prefers Her Fantasy Life said...

Yes, Austin-- maybe a little music and sex combined.

just a girl... said...

Jules- Its so awesome living here. This week is St pattys day, Rodeo, SXSW and Spring Break. Too much fun!

RPM- You always crack me up. My sin is an overgrown yard.

Narm- I live here nut.

PHFL-so need the sex part.

Ken said...

1. Still not drinking?
2.That can happen, meet me out back after the tween goes to bed
3. Tween around to much to get work done?
4. No you don't
5.Call me heres my number 555-555-1234
6.Can I stay there with you?
7.Move your car silly
8. Wahoooooooo I want a comment
9.Nothing would look bad on you and you know it!
10.Okay, but hurry back

Side note: I love tin truths, if I was a copy cat I would do them but I'm not so I play yours!