It's a girl......

Mom, don't freak out!!! I am not pregnant I repeat, I am not pregnant!!!!

So, last weekend I left to go see my best friend from high school. It was a blast to say the least but, this isn't what that is about. I left my house on Friday afternoon, I gave my son the normal paranoid mom warnings and went on my way. No, he wasn't left alone! About 10 o'clock Friday night I get a call from my son and it starts out like this:

Son: Mom, Just hear me out and please don't say no.

Me: We are not getting a pet.

Son: But Mom, this kitty just followed me home.


So, I proceed to tell my son that we are not keeping that cat. No way, no how. If you read my blog than you know that my cat died in December and it broke my heart. Blackie was my cat's name and he had been through alot with me. As most know I am a single mom and this cat is the only one that I actually let see me break down. He was loyal when noone else was. But, that is beside the point.

So I get the call and I tell my son, hell no! I speak to my X and tell him, hell no. At this point I think, problem solved. Until, I wake up Saturday mornig to 3 picture mail messages. Do you think they were from my son, no. They are from the only adult in the house, my X, with captions about how cute this cat is. I am sooooooooooo in trouble.

Saturday, I go to have oysters with my GF's at the bar and I get told that these boys are working me. The whole weekend I stand my ground, and say hell no.

Sunday I walk in my door and guess who greets me? You guessed it kitty kat (yes that is what I named him, original I know). So they introduce me to this "boy" cat. "he" jumps up on me and doesn't leave my side for the rest of the night. "He" was so cute, almost like he knew "he" had to make a good impression.

Tuesday comes around and I am in love. But, then I find out the "he" is a "she", ugh. But, everyday the kitty does something more to win me over. She is so sweet, she loves on me and gives me kisses. Needless to say I am in love.

Bottom line: team, meet "kitty kat". "kitty kat" meet team.
Side Note: Am I a sucker, or is this meant to be?


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm hoping to get a little kitty soon, when I can convince The Boy!

Anonymous said...

Yes! And that's how I ended up with 7. Cute kitty though!

Heather said...

Oh how CUTE! I have 3 myself that I want to give away sometimes, but then they curl up on my chest and I just love them all over again.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

She's awfully cute! I think she used that to her advantage!

Anonymous said...

Answer to side note:


RPM said...

I rescued 3 kittens that were found in the nose of a horse trailer on a very cold winter day. The guy that found them was going to kill them. I was too soft hearted to let that happen so I got some Tiger Milk and bottle fed them. 2 died the first night, but the third survived.

He turned out to be Satan's kitty. The older he got the crazier and meaner he got. People were scared to come in the house!

The final straw that broke the camel's back was when he decided litter boxes were not for him and started using my big screen instead.

I had to relocate him to the wild.

AnObiter said...

What a darling cat! And it reminds me of my own "Blackie." =)

Poppy said...

Congratulations on your new addition!!!!!