Mom, this is an air compressor...Part 1 of 2.

Yes, I am a girly girl. I am the girl at the gas station who opens her hood and has no freaking idea how to check her oil. So yeah, the dikes hate me and the boys love me.

A few days ago, my low tire pressure light comes on. Since I was going out of town, I decide to have my son try and figure this out. We pull up to the air pump thing and I get my .75 ready. Then I hand it over to the boy and tell him to go to work. My son says "mom, what are we even doing", uhhhhhhhhhh I have no idea. I tell him "we are going to put air in the tire". I have never put air in my tires, so I was clueless. I tell my son to just start putting air in it. Here is where it gets funny.

He puts air in my tire for about 5 seconds and then he stops. Then another 5 seconds and then he stops. I finally tell him, too just keep putting air in it and to stop stopping. He then looks at me with the most serious look ever and says:

"Mom, do you even know what we are dealing with here? This is an air compressor and if we aren't careful, this whole thing is going to blow up".

So maybe reading it isn't funny but, I am the biggest hypoconriacte and in that moment I realized he is my child.

Side Note: and then I got robbed............................................


Greg du Pille said...

"Low tire pressure light". Never seen one of those. A low oil pressure light maybe? I don't know how you'd get a sensor to monitor the tire pressure (or tyre pressure as we Brits spell it)?

I look forward to part 2!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! Hubby finally taught me to use the tire gauge. I can't really tell you what it is except some long thing that at the end has a dial on it and tells you when your tire is full. Yes, I'm in that same category as you!

Jaime said...

my dad wouldn't let me start driving until i knew how to change a tire and fill it up with air. of course, that didn't stop me one day from trying for 30 MINUTES to try to fill my tire. I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work...until the nice attendant pointed out i hadn't paid for the air

Misplaced Country Girl said...

I would have better luck doing actual brain surgery than airing up my tires. I bought a new car in 2007 and have yet to look under the hood. I'm not even sure that I know how to open the hood!

RPM said...

Every driver should know how to do basic maintenence on their vehicle. Add and change oil, air up and change tires, ect...

It could save your life.

Now, don't leave me hanging. You got robbed?!?

Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Um. I think I need to learn how to do this. And especially the not blowing up part. Thanks for the service announcement. You may have just saved my life.

And, yeah, details on the getting robbed thing, please.

Candice said...

The men at the automotive place know how to put air in my tires.

Anyway.. You got robbed? Elaborate please.

Donn Coppens said...

Only in America would they make you pay for AIR!

Just A Girly Girl you need to get a tire gauge. Too much is as dangerous as too little. It's quite simple, but please find someone to show you how to check your tires. OK?

Because it gets so cold up here I have started putting (95%)Nitrogen in my tires,they use it on jets & Formula One & Stock cars..honest.

There is less moisture than our atomospheric 'air' which I'm sure you remember from Science class is about 78% Nitrogen.

The difference is less oxidation, and water vapor so less contracting and expanding, which means longer tread wear and better mileage.

Anyway it works...the tires never got low even during the -40's!

Now, I'll stop sounding like such a Poindexter and ask what the hell do you mean you got robbed?

::kacy:: said...

"the dikes hate me and the boys love me."
story of my life! ;)
love it! <3333