I wonder....

1. Is it really legal to go 5 miles over the speed limit?
2. Why no one told me super gluing my tire was wrong?
3. Why the day after you drink a lot, you can see better?
4. Why drinking blue drinks make you poop blue?
5. Why men don't have manners, smacking is not cool.


Jormengrund said...

1. If you don't get caught, then it's legal, I'd guess.

2. Did you ask someone if it would be wrong?

3. Squinting to be able to see while plastered forces your eyes to focus better when you can finally stand up straight again.

4. What goes in, must come out. Even blue dyes.

5. Some men just don't get it. Then again, I've seen women who do the same thing. Chewing with the mouth closed is nice. I prefer to talk with someone, not wear their dinner.

Ken said...

1. Yes
2. I thought you were kidding? you really did that?
3.Not true you just see better than the night before just a trick of the mind. (I am the answer guy)
4. I don't drink but okay?
5.I don't smack my lips, it was lips you were talking about right?

Side note: I'm heading to tin truths next got some good ones for ya!

Cameron said...

1. No.
2. Umm...don't think super glue is gonna cut it.
3. Really?!?!
4. Why does corn come out like you never chewed it?? :)
5. Men are pigs..cept me, I'm perfect. Ok, I lied. I'm a pig too.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Everything is legal when the cops aren't around!

Jaime said...

1. technically, no. but no one is going to bother you about being 5 over unless you're also waiving a gun or a bong out the window

2. super glue works great on broken nails. not so much on tires

3. you've been seeing through beer goggles for hours - everything seems clearer after they're lifted

4. i'm not touching this one.

5. because men are pigs