A funny thing happened to me.....

at the bar. This weekend I went to the little neighborhood dive bar. To call it a dive is an understatement. This place is beyond dive but the people are great. SO i sit at the bar and the guy next to me says "wow, is that you. you smell great". I say yes of course I smell amazing. Not really, but you get the point. He then says "I just got a new cologne its called come to me. Does it smell like cum to u". The only reason that this made me laugh is because the guy was very old. Old and still kicking out one liners at the bar, classic.

My cousin called me Friday afternoon to tell me that she had just booked a trip to Paris. She leaves in 5 days, now that is a whim. This reminded me how easy it is to travel. I am adding get a passport, to my 35 before 35.

My mom loves Jason Miraz. I turned her onto him at Christmas and I think that's really cool.

Anyways here are my two deep thoughts for the day.

1. I think its really sad when people rub their face in traffic. Sometimes when I watch people do it I can feel their stress. 

2. WTF is the deal with dateline, 48 hours etc. I realize they want there to be drama, but give me a break. These shows could be wrapped up in like 5 minutes, its grueling to watch. Especially when they take 5 minutes of show time to show you trees in the dark with dunt, dunt, dunt music. UGH!

Side Note: I read over 60 blogs, not even joking. I am always there reading. My mom made a comment that i haven't been commenting enough. So today I vow to make up for it. Sorry yall!


Single Girl said...

That is the greatest onliner I have ever heard. Really that is AMAZING.

Ken said...

Your mom is right (like always) I was feeling left out. Have you eatin all your cookies yet?

The Accomplice said...

Listen to your mom.

GIRL FROM THE LAND of 10KL said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

I agree with your dateline/49 hours comment. I hate how they hook you in, stall for 55 minutes, then wrap everything up in the last 5-minutes.

Tiffany said...

Yea I read a shitload of blogs too. It's too much work to comment on EVERYONE'S blog. I usually only comment if I have something great to say. Unlike all this bullshit I just wrote. LOL

RPM said...

You'll need that passport when we run off to Belize! ;)

ReformingGeek said...

What's with those old guys? Seems like that all that's hits on me anymore. Not that I am wanting to be hit on, but a little flirting from a 30-something hunk would go along way with me.

Ginger said...

Glad you stopped by my blog to leave a comment. I am laughing over your story about the old fart in the bar.
I went back and read your older post on hating Walmart. I couldn't agree with you more....but I keep going back there on a regular basis because we have no where else to shop. I get mad and say I'm never going back...and there I am again.
I agree with you on Dateline too. I hardly ever watch it except when they are busting those perverts who are preying on young kids.
Okay...I wrote my book for the day.....sorry.
You have a cute blog!!

Keely said...

I hate Dateline etc. Fear mongerers. If that's a word.

Travel while you can!! The tanking economy has the silver lining of cheap flights!

Candice said...

Old dude still has it going on.. I wonder how many times he has used that line?

Homo Escapeons said...

Did Old Feller need to be put down or was he just joshin'? Did he really smell like ..you know..Pancake Batter..that's a creepy coincidence eh? Still not enough to make me stop lovin' Pancakes.

Ok deep thoughts..
1 I suppose it depends what the automobilists are rubbing their faces with? Here in Canada nobody has firearms so we could do whatever the hell we wanted..
but meh..
we usually end up politely waving them ahead gosh darnit anyway.

2 All of those shows are retarded..they are stuck in No-Man's Land, they aren't quite 100% pure bullsh*t and hyperbolic speculation like reality TV and not quite real journalism so they suck!

Just go full Gerald'oh! and shoot for the lowest common denominator..what the hell..the Networks are doomed anyway..go out in a blaze of gory crapola!

Jon and Steph said...

I'm not even kidding..... those cookies are the devil ;)

Brenda said...

First, I love dirty jokes from old men - they are so unexpected!

Second, I am so with you on those Reality news shows. It takes 40 minutes to tell a story that should only take 10!

Third, thank you for my comment! I love getting comments!

Linda said...

I've tagged you.

Jormengrund said...

Gotta love the old guy pick-up lines.. I mean, after a certain age they just have to flow so naturally!

Best of luck on that 35 before 35 thing!

I'll email you your interview questions later today JAG!

just a girl... said...

Single Girl- He had other as well, it seriously cracked me up

Ken- I read so many its hard to comment on all plus we have fb now. and no on the cookies. I stuck them in the freezer because of south beach.

The accomplice- best advice one could give.

GFTLO10K- it drives me batty thank god for dvr

Tiffany- I hear ya sista, and yes I am now singing baby got back in my head.

RPM- My mom and I love your belize guy.

Refroming- I am in the same boat

Ginger- I still get comments on that Walmart post. and thanks for the comment.

Keely- If its not it should be

Candice- He said for over 40 years.

Homo- Spit coffee at pancake batter, I have now heard it al.

Jon- Yeah I know.

Brenda- I love dirty jokes as well

Linda- ask and you shall receive

Jormen- thanks buddy.

NucMEd is Hot said...

I go in spurts with reading. I want to read, but I sometimes feel guilty when my kids are asking for dinner and there are no socks for school. I only have twenty on my reader, how the hell do you keep up with sixty?