35 before 35..............#9 done

I admit I am off to a slow start on my 35 things to do before I turn 35. #9 was to give a homeless person a meal. I am not even sure why this one was on there, since I do this often.

Two Sunday's ago my cousin and I went to Starbucks and I completed my #9. I have always been the girl to give money and food to the homeless. My mom since I was little has always said give food not money. I bought the gentleman a sandwich, orange juice and a cookie. It makes me happy to know that he had a meal that day and when he said "God Bless You" I knew he meant it.

My dream is too win the lottery, or marry rich...lol. When I do, I will have my own homeless shelter. It wont just be about the shelter, it will be about helping those I can from the inside.

Side Note: 1 down 34 to go.


Ken said...

All joking aside, That touched me. I worked in a homeless shelter for 4 1/2 years. They had to let me go do to funding last July. I still stop in and lend a hand when I can. Although they are trying my patants at this time. But still I have never loved a job more than that one, high stress as it was I miss it to this day.

Jormengrund said...

Helping someone in need is the best thing a person can do.

You never know what might be the turning point in someone's life.

Maybe it's the free shower and shave they get before going to one last interview and getting the job they so desperately needed.

Things like this are the reason I keep an open mind, and a giving heart.

Linda said...

Awesome. I need to get cracking on my list.

Heather said...

Excellent one to start with!

Ian Allen said...

It'd be more fun to win money at poker, Girl!

just a girl... said...

Single Girl- He had other as well, it seriously cracked me up

Ken- I read so many its hard to comment on all plus we have fb now. and no on the cookies. I stuck them in the freezer because of south beach.

The accomplice- best advice one could give.

GFTLO10K- it drives me batty thank god for dvr

Tiffany- I hear ya sista, and yes I am now singing baby got back in my head.

RPM- My mom and I love your belize guy.

Refroming- I am in the same boat

Ginger- I still get comments on that Walmart post. and thanks for the comment.

Keely- If its not it should be

Candice- He said for over 40 years.

Homo- Spit coffee at pancake batter, I have now heard it al.

Jon- Yeah I know.

Brenda- I love dirty jokes as well

Linda- ask and you shall receive

Jormen- thanks buddy.