I suck balls...not really!

Instead of not really, I should have said not literally. But then, all are a lie and yes we suck balls... women that is. Well men too at times. I give up, welcome to my world.

My whole point is that I said I was going to post daily. That didn't happen, I suck and have already screwed that up. 

Today we all get to see history take place. Regardless on where you stand on Obama, there is something to be said about witnessing history. Generally a tragedy takes place and it becomes history, today we watch it happen(history not a tragedy, lmao).

In other news I have lost 8lbs and south beach is going great. I have also realized that I am really good at darts. More on both of these another day. 

Side Note: Tell me one or eight things about your weekend, I would love to know!


Vodka Mom said...

south beach here I come!!!


Ken said...

1st I am proud of you and your 8lbs. That is great! I knew you could do it, just not sure you needed to? But any way my weekend.
I met the dumbest person alive. see my what ever I want blog to read about that! and I froze my for mentioned off taking pictures. But man when I post them you will see it was worth it!

But again Great job on the 8 big ones. and you don't suck because you didn't get all the posting YOU wanted done. We have all done that.

Orion said...

Congrats on the loss of 8, I'd do something like that too, but i can't leave the damn icecream alone!

We went sledding this weekend... nothing is more amusing than flying down a steep hill. Accept maybe if you're flying down a steep hill in a cheap plastic container with a rope and you run into someone, causing them to do somersaults in the air.

yeah, it really doesn't get much better than that.

Michelle said...

I'm jealous of your 8 pounds! I worked out extra long yesterday so I hope to be down a few pounds when I weigh in on Wednesday.

That being said, my weekend consisted of two birthday celebrations so I ate cake, cookies, mexican food and lots of nachoes. Not so good for the weight loss.

Doberman Gang said...

8 lbs that is great I have only lost 2 But is has only been a week. And now I have my Wii Fit Again so it can only get better rigt? Great weekend. I got to give all 4 of the dogs a manicure (Its like alligator wrestling)and go shopping with the wife who had cabin fever from being sick for two days. Sunday was FOOTBALL day.

NucMEd is Hot said...

Nice work on the 8 lbs!

You don't suck!

I hate men, that was my weekend, oh that and I drank a lot.

RPM said...

I worked (as usual) and dreamed of Belize (as usual).

I did bake some killer pork chops in white wine with new potatoes and mustard greens. I think I found that 8 lbs you lost.

abbienormyl said...

U suck balls??? BRAGGER!!!