Suck it FLU!

I am going to try very hard to post every day this year. So while my brain is in "Nyquil Land", I will give it to you old school.

I have decided this year to do a bit of a format. So Mondays will now be for me to ask you what I want to know. 

1. If time machines were real, would you go forward or backward?
I would go forward, I so want to see the future. I want to see the 2200's

2. Do you think Marijuana should be legal?

3. What is one thing you will do differently this year?
stay single.

Side Note: I would sooooooo buy a Nyquil slurpee!


Jamie said...

I will be looking forward to your daily posts.

Also, I posted about the Swap over on my site today!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I would go backwards... because a)i'm scared of the future and b) there's some things i'd like to go back and tell myself

RPM said...

1. I think we all learned from Doc and Marty going back in time is a tricky thing. I'd have to go future.

2. Hell yes!

3.Find a cute little racegirl.

sn: Only the cherry kind. I hate the original.

NucMEd is Hot said...

1. Back. I like history

2. Sure, and tax the shit out of it and get off of my cigarettes

3. Not eat and probaby turn into a real hateful bitch!

Get to feling better

Ken said...

1.Forward also, I already know whats in the past.
2. No, I'm living proff that it can lead to other drugs (for some of us)
3.Same as you blog more.
Side note: If I had a cold I would be the first in line... okay, I would let you go first!

Candice said...

1. I would go backwards and forwards. ;)

2. Mmm, probably not. That would probably lead to an overall net increase in the dumb asses that land in our ER.

3. Stop eating pizza and ice cream.

I'm down with the nyquil slurpee as well. I'd be out before I hit the halfway mark!

Doberman Gang said...

1 Back the future does not look bright
2 yes(I out grew it) beer is worse but I love it.
3 Eat less

Jaime said...

feel better

1. backwards... i regret nothing, but there's a few things i'd change if magical time machines existed

2. nope. the criminal department has to make a living somehow. those drug charges are their bread and butter

3. not just talk about taking time off - actually doing it.

Linda said...

Nyquil slurpee sounds yummy. I've just started reading your blog and I love it!
I gave you an award!

melissa said...

great format!
1 - backward to see people I can't ever see again in the present.
2 - yes then tax it so the cig taxes will go down
3 - buy MORE shoes!! : )

Jormengrund said...

1. I'd go into the future, just to see if JAG can actually come through on her desire to post daily! (evil grin)

2. Only if I can run a small mini-mart near some of the stoner sites, and make a ton off their Munchies!

3. Actually remember to send off my swapfest gift on time!

SN: Not me. I can't stand the stuff..