Tin Truths 21

1. Last night I had frito pie and cookies
2. I am now hooked on Rockstar "shots"
3. I can feel tension in the air everywhere, its a strange feeling
4. I cringe when I drive through the toll road thingy
5. My son turns 14 on Sunday and I am trying to find drums.
6. I think I want a new kitty
7. Stupid people........drive me crazy.
8. Family and Friends have been off lately
9. I love adding machines
10. I don't like it when you take a drink, and you can feel it go all the way down.

Side Note: is it just me or does #7 sound like a country song?


Scott said...

How's texas? My gfriend is actually a New York transplant from texas. Anyway I enjoy your blog a lot and would love to do a link exchange with you if you are interested.
My site is http://scottstipoftheday.blogspot.com
let me know if you are interested!

Ken said...

1.I miss them, I haven't made them in 15 years or more
3.Its called in-lighten-ment
4.And why?
5.Think twice about that!
6.LMAO! Can they do that?
7.Me too
8.What makes you think so?
9.Okay, (your a little strange sometimes)
10.On a hot day I love it!

Side note: I don't listen to country so I wouldn't know.

Side note 2: This post was the first thing I thought about when I woke up.... How come it took so long for you to post it!Had to come in from fence repair to see if it was done yet. Crap now I have to back and work.

just a girl... said...

1. they are so freaking good, tonight you should make one
2. enegry drink
3. no its its called e-con-o-me
4. because I am scared I will hit the sides.
5. no way its what he wants
6. confused
7. word
8. actions
9. now way a good adding machine is all one really needs.
10. grossest feeling ever.

side note 3: cause i am a lazy ass.

Jormengrund said...

1. I like pie, but Frito Pie isn't one..
2. I can't stand Rockstar, or Red Bull, or ANY energy drink. They taste like water with a dirt mixer.
3. Maybe you've got some kind of super power! Try to electrocute your ex next time you talk to him!
4. I don't. My wife usually insists on driving, so I cringe when SHE drives through them.
5. Drums need a good place to be "stored". Most popular place? Next state over.
6. Good luck, you'll need it!
7. Have you ever wondered if "normal" folks drive "stupid" people crazy?
8. I think that's true of ALL families.
9. So if you're really needy, then you should get yourself a pocket calculator on the days when you're going to be out and about, just to get your "fix".
10. At least you can tell when it's hit bottom, though. How do you know when you've completely swallowed anything else if you can't feel it?

No side note, just because I'm feeling a bit "sassy" today! :P

kel said...

ok, what the frig is Frito pie and why does it sound so damn delicious?

Heather said...

lol My husband is hooked on Monster.

Misplaced Country Girl said...

Mmmmmm frito pie! I know what I will be thinking about all day!

abbagirl74 said...

My son turns 14 on Wednesday. I am also 34. I love stopping by because much of what you talk about hits home for me. Have a great weekend!