Tin Truths Twenty

1. Boiled eggs peel easier when you boil them in salt water.
2. On Tuesday, I beat two tables of boys in poker
3. I still need a new inspection sticker.
4. South Beach Diet is going to turn me into a chef
5. Obama's speech gave me goose bumps
6. My nose is raw from allergy's, raw!
7. I am so glad I found my two girlfriends from high school.
8. Still now wine, Still going through withdraw
9. I want to start bike riding, in search of pink bike.
10. My son turns 14 in 9 days, I am old!


Doberman Gang said...

1. Atlantic or Pacific better? Would gulf water do also?
2.I need a loan
3.Fix soon or this will read “ I got a Ticket”
4.Careful what you wish for. If I were a chef I you be 300 lbs
5.It was a Goose alright and I here it peels easer in salt water
6.Try Charmin
7.Always fun to catch up with old friends
8.I still say drink more eat less
9.Look for the pink helmet also
10.My wife’s son is 31 your still a young one

Doberman Gang said...


3 should read that 1 would be 300lbs not you. my bad

Jormengrund said...

1. Don't boil them too long, otherwise even eggs in the shell can burn. Just ask my dad!
2. Yes, two tables worth. What happened to the third?
3. Get one. They don't cost too much, do they?
4. If you do, what will your saying be? "Bork! Bork! Bork!"?
5. I just got pimples. But I get them regardless of who's speaking.
6. I think it's allergies.
7. Good! If you get nasty and nekkid, feel free to send pics!
8. Quit wining, and go dining!
9. Would purple make do in a pinch?
10. My son's only a year younger than yours.. You're not old!

sgsellshomes said...

1. Boiled eggs make your house smell regardless of the type of water.
2. I bet you did.
3. Don't bitch when you get a ticket for $100 when it was $24 for the sticker.
4. Whatever!
5. Obama gives me hope!
6. My eyes hurt and nose is itchy. I can't tell you what is raw.
7.I am with the other guy give us pics.
8.Now I know this is tough for you and those around you....thank God you still have your bath tub.
9.You will buy it but you won't ride it. Been there done that.
10. Tell him happy birthday and yes you are old! j/k

Ken said...

1.And who told you that pray tell?
2.Thats no surpirse to me
3.Oh that's right Texas has that. I bet you need your head lights adjusted!
4. And not a hef-fer
5.Texas women give me goose bumps... where are you from?
6.Have Mom kiss it and make it all better
7.So am I.... Hey are they single?
8.It will get better.... When you can have some again
9.Really I mite be able to paint one.... No on second thought you better find one
10.Crap my daughter is 25, Dirt is younger than me.... But not Doberman he IS OLDER

Side note: No side note

Side note 2 You have 4 out of four today! that is a new record, not that I keep records oh crap now you know .........

Homo Escapeons said...

10 My oldest child is 23 and I've never felt younger at heart..but that is prolly because my youngest is 7?
9 I loathe cycling... unless I can have cardboard flaps hitting the spokes to imitate a motorcycle
8 Abandoning alcohol is just plain crazy-talk!
7 I am relieved that most girls from high school have not found me on facebook
6 I am only allergic to pain
5 I believe that Obama can and will force the USA to join the 21st Century..kicking and screaming
4 Try the South Bitch diet..who ever said that you had to be happy about losing weight?
3 I am up-to-date on all of my numerous governmental forms of taxation
2 I do not have a Pokerface, if I have a good hand I am a grinning idiot like the Cheshire Cat..ergo I don't bother
1 That may be true for Chicken eggs but this does not apply to either Ostrich or Velociraptor eggs.

RPM said...

The last time I rode a bicycle I was living in Hurst. I decided to ride my bike to Blockbuster and return some movies. Made it there just fine. While crossing the street (in the crosswalk with the light)on the way back I was run over by an idiot in a Dodge pickup.

Thank God those older Dodge's had that big Ram head hood ornament. I literally had a deathgrip on it. That was all that kept me from being killed.